Who is the unnerving ‘Trivago girl’ following commuters home? | Travel

Name: Trivago girl

Age: 31.

Appearance: A woman in a variety of shirts.

Who is she? She’s the woman from hotel-booking website Trivago’s ad campaign.

And why are we talking about her? Because she’s following us around.

Is she? Well, no. But some Londoners feel as if she might be. Posters of the Trivago girl are showing up so frequently in London’s tube stations that people are tweeting photos showing eerie rows of them.

And what are they saying about her exactly? Variations on the theme of “this is too many blooming posters”. Or, in one tweet that struck a chord with at least 4,000 other people: “I see the Trivago woman more than I see my missus at the moment”.

Is there something particularly annoying about her? No, not really. Although the posters are a little unnerving.

Unnerving how? Unnerving in the sense that they are, essentially, just a picture of a woman, staring out at you, with no context whatsoever. In the TV ads, the Trivago girl is the mouthpiece of the company, explaining in a warm and comforting Aussie accent how to use the website. In the posters, she is just standing there next to the logo. As if to say nothing more than: trust us, look, here’s a woman.

And do people trust her? Apparently so. Trivago’s profits have improved dramatically since the Trivago girl first debuted in 2015. Earlier this month, the company reported a 67% growth in its revenue for the first half of 2017, and a net income of €4.3m (£3.98m), up from a loss of €50m last year.

Impressive. So who is the real Trivago girl? She’s Berlin-based actor, performance artist, puppeteer, director, dancer and musician Gabrielle Miller.

She’s got a lot going on. She has. In fact, she relegates her global fame as the Trivago girl to a single line on her website, preferring to highlight her physical theatre show, Baba, and her tour with swing-jazz vaudeville band Zap.

Sounds like maybe even the Trivago girl has had enough of the Trivago girl. Perhaps. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Miller said in June that she has filmed close to 20 Trivago adverts already, some of which haven’t yet been broadcast.

Do say: “I think we need to see other people.”

Don’t say: “See you around!”

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