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What To Carry When You Go Trekking? – Best Place Vacation

What To Carry When You Go Trekking?

Adventure Sports are the risky but it is equally thrilling and exciting. When you take part in adventure sports have a sense of fulfillment, joy and fun. Among all the adventure sports, trekking is the most popular one. Exclusive trekking expeditions are arranged for novice as well as for experts. When you embark on a trek there are certain things that you need to consider like the location of the trek, the total number of people that is there in the group, the guide and leader and also the things that you need to carry.

When you think of what to carry in your trek you face the challenge of balancing in between carrying all the essential things and reducing the weight that you have to carry. So, if you have the enthusiasm to trek then here is some tips for you before you start your adventure.

Food and Water

When you are about to start your trek you should have some heavy breakfast. It is said that when you are trekking the food that you eat during the lunch should be light. It is always advisable to carry energy chocolate bars in case the trekking takes more time for some unforeseen circumstances.

Water is the most essential element particularly when you are going on a trek. Dehydration is the primary reason the trekkers feel exhausted. So, carrying water is absolutely must. It is better if you take care to consume less of water. It will be very appropriate if each of the members carry their own bottle.


Trekking is mainly organized in the hill-capped mountains trails, forest trails or may be some terrain. Therefore, if you are trekking in the summer season and in some mountain or forest region then it is better to clothes made of cotton. If the trek is planned in the winter season or to a place that has snow filled mountains then it is best to carry some woolen attire. However, you should have some spare attire with you both the time.

Cell Phone and Compass

Mobile phone has made it very easy to trace somebody with the help of a GPS. This is the reason it is always advisable to carry cell phone along with you. A compass too is a very significant device even in the time of GPS just because compass does not need any electricity to function.

Head Lamps and Torch

It is always good to carry a torch light of high power. You should also carry a head lamp. The weather in the hilly region is generally unpredictable. So in case it becomes dark you will be able to use these devices.

Insect Repellant

This is an item that is always forgotten. In forests and in water bodies, insects are something very dangerous and also a cause of concern. A bite from a poisonous insect can sometimes be fatal. If you carry an insect repellant then you can avoid all these troubles.

First-Aid Kit

This should be carried by at least one member of the group. It should consist of some common medicines for some common illness and injuries. It should also contain anti-septic, cotton gauze, scissors and other essentials.

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