Unique Igloo Hotel in Finland

Igloo Hotel


This unique hotel is located in Finland, the hotel provides 20 rooms Kakslauttanen is shaped igloo. Exact hotel is located near the National Park wilderness of Finland, Urho Kekkonen. Igloo-shaped room is made of thermal glass that is able to maintain the temperature of the room to keep warm in the winter though.
Thermal glass also makes snow will not stick and is always clear, so you can still keep looking at the ceiling. Visitors can also enjoy the spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis that often appear in the sky Finland. In an igloo, there are 2 comfortable beds, and if you want to eat, in the main hotel there are also restaurants serving Finnish cuisine. Not only a glass igloo Kakslauttanen provided by the hotel. For the more adventurous, original igloo made of ice is also provided, as long as it held strong cold temperatures. This hotel could be an alternative for those of you who want a honeymoon to a beautiful place.

Igloo Room

2 Beds – Igloo Room




Bed – Igloo Ice


Aurora Borealis – Finland – 1


Aurora Borealis – Finland – 2

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