Traveler’s Gadgets in All Shapes and Sizes

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

Fisher Space Pen Clutch

It’s time again for us to show you some of the useful items we’ve found for travelers.  Here are some useful items you will want to bring with you on your next adventure.

A Pen from Space

Remember the Fisher Space Pen?  And the old joke about how NASA spent thousands developing this pen that can write upside down and in zero gravity–while the Russians just used pencils?

Well, this pen is a nice one, and as a pen connoisseur, I care deeply about my pens.  I’d say this is a keeper. It’s heavyweight, made of metal for Godsakes, and no matter what angle you hold it, it will write. It’s the Space Pen!  If you only had one pen to travel with, to write in your journal with, this one, that writes upside down, should be your first choice.

Like all Fisher products, these pens are made with a revolutionary, hermetically sealed and pressurized refill using thixotropic ink in a semisolid state that does not rely on gravity, nor leak or dry out.  It liquefies and flows only when needed. The Fisher Space Pen’s pressurized glycol-based ink allows it to write upside down, underwater, through grease, freezing cold and scorching heat. 

Fisher Space Black Titanium Nitride Clutch Space Pen $40.00

EagleCreek XL DuffelA Fold-Away Giant Duffel Bag

Eagle Creek XL vinyl duffle bag. This bag arrives as a small rectangle, folded into its self about 12? x 12?. When you undo it and unfold it all, you have a pretty gigantic duffel bag, and for some trips, it’s the perfect choice when you want a bag you can bring with you and use on your return trip.

I’ll be using this bag next weekend when I take a bus down to Brooklyn NY and have a lot of schlepping to do. No interest in a roller bag on the subway, instead this duffle will fit the bill.  Eagle Creek No Matter What Duffel – Extra Large $91.00

A Traveler’s Power Strip

iClever power strip I am often asked about what a professional traveler should pack on a trip.   Among the first suggestions I give is to bring a surge protector/power strip, since these days, everyone needs to charge their phone, their camera, and laptop.  And unlike in the US, most hotels in Europe and other places don’t offer a whole lot of plugs in each room.  You can bring one plug converter and use this solid little unit by iClever.  There are two three-prong plugs and a whopping four USB charging plugs. Problem solved.

iClever Boostcube 2 USB wall chargerMini Design for Travel] iClever BoostStrip IC-BS01 Portable Smart Power Strip / Travel Charger,  $19.99

Smaller Power Plug

And if you want something even smaller,  the company also offers their smaller Booststrip, with a fold-out tw0-prong plug that’s designed to charge nearly any mobile phone.  iClever BoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger  $10.99

A Cushy TushyAiropoedic inflatable pillow seat cushion.

The Airopedic Portable Cushion seat has lots of uses for those of us who might be getting a little sore sitting for long periods on a hard surface, or a bus or train.

This is an inflatable pillow seat that is adjustable with a special valve, so even if you’re stuck for hours you can stay comfy while seated.  This really makes a difference and works better than simple padding, as it inflates and deflates when you sit on it.

Airopedic ergonomic portable cushion seat  $84.00.

Wireless Headphones

Atech Wireless Headphones reduce the worry of tangled, broken headphones. They provide crisp audio with a comfortable, interchanging fit. Varying sizes of ear tips and ear hooks allows a comfortable, secure fitATECH Hi-fi Wireless Headphones for everyone. The battery lasts 7- hours and is rechargeable. The headphones are also splash proof meaning there is no reason so worry about sweat or rain interfering with your music.

ATECH Hi-fi Wireless Headphones – Sweatproof, Magnetic In-Ear Sport Earbud, Secure Fit Bluetooth Headset for Running, Workout and Gym, Sports Earphones (Black) $19.99

Drop- Proof iPhone CaseCradl iPhone case

Before Cradla durable yet sleek iPhone case was hard to find. This case uses an impact material and dual-layer design that absorbs and disperses shock. The outer shell is flexible, impact-resistant and non-porous, meaning it doesn’t collect dirt. It is also non-slip limiting the chances of accidents. Raised corners on the case also offer screen protection while the phone is face-down.

You can tuck a credit card and your ID into the space between the cover and the phone.  I like this one.

cradl. – Unique Compatible with iPhone 6/6s Case – Stunning Style, Protection and Confidence – Bubbles – Purple $32.00

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