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Tourist Attractions In Monaco – Best Place Vacation

Tourist Attractions In Monaco




Monaco is a country with the highest cost of living in the French Riviera, Monaco because it’s known as a tourist destination of the rich who want to pamper yourself. If you come to Monaco, you’ll see these hotels, luxury boutiques in the world famous designer. You will also see luxury cars passing by along the road

These Monaco tourist attractions :

1. Casino de Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo is the oldest and most famous casino in Monaco, even around the world. Casino de Monte Carlo is different from other casinos around the world as an exclusive service to its loyal customers. Provided four super-private salon for guests who want to spend special bets ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of euros in here. Guests are also free to do whatever they pleased. For example, set the table game to suit his or ask for special meals after gambling.

2. Prince’s Palace Rainer III

If you want to see this palace you will be charged a fee of 6 euros. The main attraction of this palace is the ceremonial change of guards who performed every night at 11:55.

3. Oceanographic Museum

This museum was conceived by Prince Albert I of Monaco, former marine researcher at the same time the Navy. He held various scientific collections consisting of berbai species of fish, fish bone specimens to frame in here.

4. Eze village

Eze is located on the hill called Mont Bastide. houses around the village of Eze surrounded by a fortress, is intended to face the enemy attacks as well as against the storm. Their home positions also protrudes into the hills with rocky road which was established since medieval times and still maintained until now. Even at the top of the hill there are relics of a medieval castle ruins first. Eze is the main attraction is the beautiful natural wealth, with the towering green hills stretch across the Mediterranean Sea.

Don’t forget to Monaco visit a traditional perfume factories once famous shop, Fragonard, which stood since 1926. This exclusive perfume factory in Grasse and just being alone Eze.


Casino de Monte-Carlo


Prince’s Palace

Oceanographic Museum


houses in eze






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2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Excellent place, I love the first photo Monaco looks awesome in night light. I was very disappointed when I come to know that the country is the best attraction for rich as it has high living standard. I want to know how much it cost to visit Monaco, I will surely arrange my budget accordingly.


  2. Abhista says:

    Thank you for visiting brenda, this place does look awesome, I can not be sure how much we spend on the budget if it went there, but I think it’s big or small depending on how we set it up.

    thanks. regards