Top Beaches Of India You Didn’t Know About

India has some best beaches that provide solitude as well as action. Here are the best beaches of India that you can visit.


This beautiful beach of Kerala is one hour away from Trivandrum. The place is appropriate if you are looking for a peaceful place. The setting of this beach area is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. There is a long paved stretch of cliff that is bordered by the shacks. The view of this is stretched out to the Arabian Sea. This is an awesome place to rejuvenate and rest. There is paved footpath that runs the whole length of the cliff that is bordered hotels, quaint, guest houses and shops.


Gokarna is a remote and a small town that is situated in the northern part of Karnataka. It is a place that is suitable for pilgrims as well as holiday makers. If you visit this beach you will know what Goa is like on a heyday. This is just an hour distance towards the south of the Goa border.


This is an absolute picaresque beach. The entire beach is enclosed by a thick forest of coconut trees. This place is located in the extreme south of Goa. The beach is about a mile long and semi-circle in shape. This beach is becoming very popular with time. It is also very lively with the different kinds of tourists.


This place is situated in the southern part of Maharastra. If you visit this place then you will be able to experience one of the best coral reefs of India. This place not at all crowed with tourists and provides you with accommodation right over the beach. You can see the local people taking a ride on the bicycle and walking around the beach.


This is a serene place and perfect place to visit of you want to get away from the daily humdrum. You can just rent a hut on the beach and enjoy nature and stillness. The rear portion of the beach has been lined by shacks as well as shops. Besides this you might not get any places to eat, drink, chill and swim.


This hippie beach is located on the extreme northern coastline of Goa. It was once a fishing village but it has now turned into a main tourist attraction. You can also have a relaxed light life of Arambol. The jam sessions and live music are held on the beach itself.


Asvem, located in the northern part of Goa has turned into a hippy and trendy beach. There are shops, restaurants, beaches, groovy beach bras and also fashionable resorts. You will also find some Yoga retreats in this place.


Baga beach is a fully crowed beach of Goa. This place is suitable for you if you want to have some action. This is one of the best beaches of Goa. You can take part in water sports, visits bars, shacks, clubs and also some fine dining restaurants.

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