Top 5 Things to Do On a Quick Visit To Singapore

If you are on a two or three day business trip to Singapore, then you can mix your business with pleasure by joining in the bustling activities of the city during the night. If you have an extra day left on your tour to Singapore, then you can take advantage of the day by visiting some of the most popular places in this island nation.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo – Home of the Night Safari

Night Safari

Singapore’s night safari is a must see for all tourists and business people who visit this island nation as it features animals that are only active during the night. It is the first zoo in the world that has over 1000 varieties of animals from 120 different species. The zoo has over 8 geographical zones and you can see them on a 45 minute tram ride that has piped commentary to share information about the animals that you see.

Baba House

Baba House Museum

If you are looking to have a piece of the early history of the Chinese people in Singapore, then you must visit the Baba House. It was built in 1895 by Wee Bin and is a period terrace house that has predominantly Chinese imprint in its architecture. The metaphorical moldings and terracotta floors are all those that were built when the Wee family lived in the Baba House. The Wee family used this house for more than a century and now it a museum that gives details of those periods.

Haji Lane

Gone are the days when tourists visited Orchard road. Now, Haji Lane is the place to visit for the fashion freaks visiting Singapore. This little street in the Muslim quarter is a retail marketplace that attracts tourists to take a plunge into the sea of clothes on display. It is the retail destination for all kinds of clothes at affordable rates. Bargaining will help you buy good quality clothes at cheap prices. Make sure that you also visit the Sultan Mosque in Haji Lane. If you are a foodie, then you should surely try out the popular Malay curries and stews from this lane.


Chinatown Market Stalls

Chinatown Heritage Center

This is an old sightseeing spot that is mostly overlooked by many foreign tourists. But, Chinatown is where you will come across the old shops of the Singapore city. Traditionally, the shops were set on two storey building along the Chinatown, where the ground floor was used as shops and the first floor was where shop owners resided. Now, you can see restored shop houses in Chinatown museum that also houses an entire set of bedrooms, kitchens as well as 19th century and early 20th century street scenes.

Malmaison by the Hour Glass

If you love to shop in the first luxury concept store in Singapore, then you need to visit Malmaison. It is a place where you can shop for exotic perfumes, exquisite artwork, footwear, handmade home accessories and much more. If you have some money to spend, then shopping here is a good option. It is said that the Malmaison was inspired by Napoleon’s Chateau de Malmaison and hence the structure looks more or less similar to it.

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