Top 4 Meditation Retreats In The World

Are you looking for something different from the fun filled or sight seeing adventure tours across the globe? Would you like to explore the realms of the inner world through meditation instead? There are many meditation retreats spread across the globe that will help you relax your mind and free yourself from work pressures, conversations and commotion. Meditation retreats give you an opportunity to venture deep into your inner feelings and to learn the art of being silent. The following are some of the best Buddhist meditation retreat centers that you can explore to change you as a person.

Shambala Mountain Center in Colorado  

This Buddhist meditation retreat center is spread over 600 acres of land across a Rocky Mountain Valley in the northern area of Colorado, surrounded by rocky peaks and pine forests. There are various forms of Buddhist meditation that are practiced here from week long programs to multi week intensive meditation study for advanced meditation practitioners, there are over 100 different programs to choose from.

Shambala is the perfect place to recharge with its unspoiled surroundings, fresh air and the wonders of natures beauty. Shambala also offers a modern retreat campus. There are over 65 single and double rooms in this center for your comfortable stay. Accommodation styles vary to suit your liking and your budget from lodge rooms with private baths to dormitories and seasonal tents. Meals, with vegetarian options are included.

Other attractions in this vast property are:

  • a bird sanctuary
  • The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya
  • Botanical gardens

Shambala in Winter


Shambala (3)

Osho Meditation Resort in Pune

Located just outside of Mumbai is the slick and attractive modern 40 acre Osho Meditation campus that practices active meditation. Osho designed these courses to help people express and experience repressed feelings and emotions and also to teach ways to notice habitual patterns and deal with them in new ways over time. The techniques you will learn here include power breathing, meditative dancing, vocalizing and whirling. The campus is different from other meditation retreats in the world as it boasts of:

  • well maintained Zen gardens
  • seminar area
  • Meditation auditorium.

You can also enjoy some unorthodox amenities like: night club, mini hall and tennis courts. There are 60 neat and clean double room guesthouses for comfortable stay. You need to wear red robes during meditation sessions.

This experience is nothing like you would expect from a meditation centre.



Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts

This is situated on a 200 acre property that surrounds an old mansion in central Massachusetts. The Indian Buddhist traditions are practiced here and the main forms include vipassana and metta.

IMS focuses on providing insight and guidance to self, bringing about genuine happiness. There are seated meditations and walking meditations practiced here in absolute silence. The teachers at this retreat are not paid, but will accept donations once your course is finished. Courses run for different durations from as short as 3 days to as long as 3 months.

This Insight Meditation society is mostly comprised of woody area and some of its area looks rural. There are about 79 minimally furnished single and double rooms in the main retreat center with shared dormitory style bathrooms in each floor. Women and men are put in separate floors and are not allowed to share rooms. Perfumes, incense sticks and tobacco products are strictly prohibited.

As you can see compared to OSHO, this is a different world. The benefits can be just as great. The choice depends on your style of meditation and what you would find working better for you.

Insight Meditation society grounds


The Middle Way Meditation Retreat in Thailand

This retreat center is located next to the Phu Ruea National Park in Loei, Thailand and is surrounded by lush green tropical forests and green hills.

Middle Way Meditation Centre is a not for profir organisation. They teach their own technique called the ‘Middle Way Meditation’ that helps bring about awareness of the present moment and assist you in connecting with your higher self.

The huge property has many indoor and outdoor meditation spaces, outdoor dining area as well as waterfall gardens. A Tibetan Buddhist meditation form called Dhammakaya meditation is practiced here. You can stay in reasonable wooden houses in this retreat and there are separate shared bathrooms. Men and women accommodation are separate and they are not allowed to mingle inside the center.


Middle Way meditation retreat 2

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