Tips Streets to the South Korean Tourist

South Korea is currently one of the favorite tourist spot for a vacation. The following are some tips roads to tourist attractions in South Korea.


1. Don’t have to buy drinking water.

Because the South Korean government provides many places for free drinking water. Free drinking water is available in hotels and tourist attractions. Drinking water also there are 2 types, there are hot and some cold.


2. Use A Thick Clothing.

In Korea, the very cold weather can occur at any time. Its temperature can become extreme, especially when the winter. So bring your heavy clothing to protect you from the cold of Korea.


3. Not Too Late To Shop.

In korea many stores are open 24 hours. So for those of you who did not get to spend the day not to worry, because you can shop anytime you want.


4. Use the Korean Language.

Not many people here who can speak English, so to make you easier to communicate with them you have to use the Korean language. Before you go, you have little to learn the Korean language or by using services Travel Guide to facilitate your trip.


Hopefully some useful tips on to you. Thank you.

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  1. Park Mi Kyong says:

    I really LOVE SOUTH KOREA!