The Courting Rachel (Smoked Old Fashioned) – …

The Courting Rachel (Smoked Old Fashioned) –

[…]the Courting Rachel, a cocktail made by mixologist Andrew Bohrer of Seattle’s Mistral Kitchen, in which a classic Old Fashioned is dramatically doused in the sweet, fresh smoke of hickory chips.

Thanks to the wood, Bohrer knew that he had to name this drink for U.S. President Andrew Jackson, who was nicknamed “Old Hickory” for his tough demeanor. One problem, though: “I hate Andrew Jackson,” Bohrer told me. “But one of the cool things he did was fight 13 duels for his wife’s honor. In one of the duels he took a bullet in the chest and just stood there, and then he killed the guy.” For a historical figure whose legacy primarily centers around his genocide of Native Americans, Bohrer found Jackson’s dedication to his wife’s honor a fitting aspect for paying tribute, so the Courting Rachel was born.

Seattle’s Andrew Bohrer shares the recipe for this old fashioned variation.

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