The Best Beaches of Israel

Israel is a small country but is blessed with four seas – the Mediterranean Sea along the eastern border, the Red Sea on its southern tip, the Dead Sea on Israel’s west, and the Sea of Galilee in the north. All of these seas offer something unique and different that will appeal to different tastes.

Coral Reef Beach (Eilat) – the beaches in Eilat are not renowned for their powder sand and warm water. It is the incredible aquamarine environment and colder waters of the Red Sea that bring locals and tourists alike flocking to Eilat as well as the year-round warm climate. Snorkeling and diving in these waters promises incredible sites of tropical fish and beautiful corals, making Eilat a beach lover’s paradise.

Coral Reef Beach (Eilat)fabcom / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC

Coral Reef Beach is a family friendly location with all the amenities associated with such a beach – rental facilities, showers, a café, and possibly the best diving in Eilat. As a bonus, entry is free.

Dead Sea – a surreal experience that draws millions of visitors and has done so for millennia is the Dead Sea. Located at the Earth’s lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea contains minerals that are used in the formulation of cosmetics that are recognized around the world as providing health benefits.

Dead Sea-18
Dead Sea IsraelIan and Wendy Sewell / / CC BY-SA

Mineral Beach at the northern end of the Dead Sea is less pebbly than beaches to the south, is clean, has an abundance of free mineral-rich mud, showers, a freshwater pool, health treatments, and even a natural hot sulfur Jacuzzi. Admission costs but you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Sea of Galilee – you may not be able to walk on water as Jesus is reputed to have done all those years ago but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel both spiritually and physically rejuvenated after a dip in the warm freshwater Sea of Galilee.

Walking on water, sea of Galilee
Sea of Galileeamira_a / / CC BY

The beach at Ein Gev Resort Village is perhaps the nicest one on the lake with lovely lawns stretching to the relatively rock-free water. Perhaps the only downside to this beac is that only guests of the resort have access to it, however just to the south are miles of tree-lined beaches that are also worth a visit.

Mediterranean Sea – a book could be written about all the great beaches along this coast. Lots of powdery, white sand as well as warm and clear water make them a Mecca for all Israelis as well as the tourists who flock to Israel.

Beit Yannai Beach is located about 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv and is a magnificent and pristine nature reserve. Should you want a piece of paradise, the luxurious real estate in Israel doesn’t get much better than this locale.

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