Take A Vacation – Reflect, Recover And De-Stress

Did you know that in Japan employees get around four to six weeks of paid leaves for vacationing? In places like France, the duration is six months for the workers. The employers of these nations seem to understand the benefits of taking vacations. Taking leaves to go on a trip is not mere frivolity. If you are too stressed, it can help you improve your mental and physical health.

How can vacations help?

Experts say that taking a holiday actually helps to reduce stress and increase creativity. It is helpful in keeping the mind fresh and clean for new ideas to come in. So, people back from a vacation show a greater productivity. Employers all around the world also understand that one of the ways to improve the productivity of the employees is to allow them leaves to take vacations. It is the time that every person needs to be able to recoup and avoid a burnout. A recent research from the University of Calgary also confirmed that going for a trip can help to reduce depression.

People can always come back from a trip and tell stories to his/her family members, which is a great way to bond with the family members. When people go on a vacation, they mix with people of different culture and settings, which improve the overall well-being of the people.

In a study done on 13, 000 middle-aged men who have been diagnosed with a high risk of heart disease, a few interesting facts were revealed. Men who did not take a vacation for consecutive five years were found to be about 30 percent more likely to get heart attacks and different cardiac ailments. This is significantly higher as compared to those who took at least a week’s vacation each year. The researchers claimed that even missing a year of vacation can elevate the risk of heart diseases. In case of women, one who has not taken even a single vacation within a period of six years are almost eight times more likely to get heart ailments and cardiac attacks. This data was compared against women who took at least two vacations in a year.

Going on a successful vacation is important

If you are going on a vacation, you must make it a stress-free experience. However, sometimes, taking a vacation leaves you more stressed and tired owing to all the arrangements that you need to make and all the hassles that you had to take. There are certain important factors that need to be taken care of when you are taking leaves for travelling:

You should have enough free time for yourself. You should be able to enjoy each and every moment of the trip.

Choose a warm, sunny location, the type that can leave you stress-free and rejuvenated. You can choose a location you like – hills, forest, or the sea beach.

Remember, vacations are needed for taking enough rest. So, it is very important to sleep well. Travel the whole day and see new things, but do manage to get a good night’s sleep. It will keep you fresh and rejuvenated.

So, while on vacation, meet new people, see new places, and make the best out of your leave from work.

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