Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag Is Like a Portable Travel Cocoon

Shopping for sleeping bags (and other camping gear) is a daunting task. Like buying a mattress. Or a car. Every company throws R values and loft fill numbers and who-knows-what-else at you until you don’t know which end is up.

So, we appreciate a company that keeps it simple and — even more importantly — affordable. The Sportneer Ultralight Sleeping Bag is one such product. The manufacturer was kind enough to send us a review sample for a sneak peek. Here’s what we found …

Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

The Skinny

In the company’s own words, the Sportneer Ultralight Sleeping Bag is:

… made for the outdoors. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easily portable to take on the go. It’s wind and water resistant to endure the weather and designed for extreme temperature and pressure. Made with 100% silk cotton for ultimate comfort and breath-ability and has an extended leg area for more foot room.

The Traveler’s Take

Novice outdoors(wo)men are often inclined to “over” buy their gear. This results in overspending on an alpine level sleeping bag, for example, that’s rated to 40 below zero when the user isn’t likely to ever encounter a scenario in which that’ll be necessary.

Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sportneer’s Ultralight Sleeping Bag strikes a balance between temperature rating and weight. As the name implies, it’s rated to +20°F — an ideal temperature rating that’s good enough to cover the vast majority of adventure travelers. Unless you’re traveling somewhere that’s very remote, most desert, backcountry, and wilderness camping isn’t likely to go much lower than that. This is all thanks to a brushed micro polyester lining for optimal comfort, breathable liner, and 100% silk cotton fill to keep you warm and cozy.

Another thing we love is the weight — or lack of it. The bag weighs under three pounds and packs down to a paltry 14.5? x 6.5? inch tube. So, it’s compact enough to throw in your pack without occupying too much space.

Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Lastly, the bag features a few bonus extras that we dig. A smart interior pocket is designed to stash small valuables that are better kept on your person (e.g. wallet, smartphone, passport, etc.). Plus, the foot area offers a 3D design that provides additional foot room and a more comfortable overall fit.

Did we mention it’s also only fifty bucks?

Check out this video review for a closer look:

Pricing + Availability

Available now for less than $50 USD from Amazon.

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