Spoil Your Children In The Hotel Of Their Dreams

Vacation with children have the impression for the elderly. If we want to travel, to be sure there are things we have to prepare in advance. As a place to sleep for example. When you vacation with your kids, not hurt you to pamper them in the hotel room which has a special children’s theme.

The following are examples of cute rooms that will make the kids jump for joy. The hotel rooms are in accordance with the world of imagination for children.


1. Safari room (California, USA)

In Specialty Safari West, California, USA, children can feel living in tents. Children can sleep on a mattress with a blanket while crocodile skin motif menontoni landscapes from the bedroom window. Lights the night was unique because it will form a shadow beast in all parts of the room. Dreams of children living with animals in nature will become a reality, at least close. Not only enjoy the room, children can move outbound in the inn.


safari room


2. Barbie room (Italy)

Were mostly girls always dream to be Barbie.Iin italy there are hotel rooms that have a barbie theme, Grand Hotel Savoia. barbie-style bed, with all the furniture in pink, plus a cute toy department. This hotel is really appropriate to treat your daughters.


barbie room


3. Hello kitty room (Taiwan)

One more beautiful bedroom for girls, Hello Kitty rooms in Taiwan. In the room there are shades of pink hello kitty variety of furniture. Your child will feel like in home Hello Kitty. Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Taiwan it does offer all-Hello Kitty. Ranging from Hello Kitty themed rooms to city tour with Hello Kitty car.


hello kitty room


There also hello kitty villa in Taiwan, as shown below.

hello kitty-villa


4. Tree House  Room (New Hampshire, USA)

In this room you will not see the cement wall or floor tiles. Because this room is certainly room wooden tree house that dominates the room. Rooms are transformed into a tree house room is gentleness in a room at the Hotel New Hampshire, USA. This room contains a replica of the super trees that can be used as a playroom. The room is big enough it can be filled not only children but also parents.

tree house room


5. Sponge Bob Room (Florida, USA)

Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA does make the rooms are themed cartoons made by Nickelodeon. One of the rooms of this hotel is owned by Sponge Bob themed room. This room will be a very nice room for kids Sponge Bob lover. Children will feel at Bikini Bottom, as sleep was accompanied by a cheerful Sponge Bob, Sandy is active, Patrick Squidword funny and talkative. The mattress was made similar to that of Sponge Bob.

sponge bob room-1


sponge bob room-2

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