Snorkeling Tips, Safe and Convenient

In the world is a lot of underwater sights are amazing. Snorkeling is one way to enjoy the underwater tours. This activity is done by diving in the sea. For those of you who like snorkeling should prepare appropriate support equipment and safety standards of diving, especially for those who have no previous diving skills. Below are some tips for your snorkeling safe and comfortable.

  • Warm and breathing exercises

Heating to prevent cramping and prepare the body to move in the ocean that has a pressure greater than on land. During the dive, you will breathe with the aid of a snorkel. Make sure you can use correctly and breathe properly.

  • Wear special clothes and sunblock

Wear special clothes for snorkeling, choose clothes that fit and bright colors to keep it comfortable and easy to identify while diving for sea within. Apply sunblock to protect skin from sun exposure and effect is too long submerged in seawater.


  • Wear masks to avoid and prevent condensation while diving

Choose a mask that fits and does not leak to protect our eyes. During the dive, the dewy mask is the most common problems occur. So that you can still see clearly underwater scenery without being interrupted dew, you can apply toothpaste or shampoo baby’s moment and then soaking it in sea water before use.


  • Choose the appropriate fin foot size

Fins or flippers serve to help the legs moving. Then make sure the right size so as not to interfere with the dive.


  • Follow the instructions and keep your distance with your friends

You should not do the things beyond snorkeling procedures so as not to cause problems. Not too far away with a group of diving friends also prevent you from experiencing things that are not desirable.


I hope these tips useful for you. Happy snorkeling.  ^_^

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