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Shopping Paradise At The Island Industry – Best Place Vacation

Shopping Paradise At The Island Industry

welcome to batam

Is the main island of Batam in Riau province, Indonesia. This island is the central industrial economy Riau archipelago. Besides being known as the industry of the island, Batam is also known as a shopping paradise handbag etc. Do you miss the opportunity to shop for branded handbags, watches, perfumes, etc. If you come here is not complete it if you do not shop for a souvenir.

Batam trade centers located in Nagoya, the Nagoya area is one haven for travelers who like to shop. One large shopping centers are Nagoya Hill in Nagoya. These shopping centers provide almost all needs, ranging from food, beverage, electronics, home appliances, and other necessities. along the Nagoya area, on either side of a lot of shops that sell bags of varying quality. Quality bag that is sold here are also varied, ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars, to tens of millions of dollars.

One of the hallmarks of bags in Batam by the diversity of models that continue to follow the world trend. A variety of bags sold model is always current, and with considerable variation. If you do not find the model you are looking at one store, you can quickly switch to another store to taste.

These bags are imported directly from China, Chinese products are very diverse, and here one of these bags. Product quality was good, and it is produced in huge quantities, bringing its price to compete because it is cheap. From there, Batam into paradise bag.

Other products in addition to bags that are also quite a lot in Batam is a fragrance (perfume) and watches. Perfume shop in Batam is usually one store to store bags. Thus, the visitor is looking for a bag, can directly search for the desired perfume. Almost all of the perfume sold here is well-known brands, perfume is also China’s production.

Famous watches from around the world are sold with a variety of different quality. You must be smart, which is original and what is real or fake, so you can buy things according to what you want.


view over Nagoya, Batam


nagoya at night


nagoya hiil




one of the shops in nagoya


a variety of wallet







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