Senggigi Beach Lombok, Indonesia

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi beach is a tourist attraction located in Indonesia. Precisely in the northwest city of Mataram, West Lombok regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat province (NTB), Indonesia. Senggigi is 12km or 15 minutes from the Selaparang airport. This beach overlooking the Lombok Strait, which borders the island of Bali.

Senggigi beach offers a stunning natural scenery, beautiful sea panorama with a distinctive white sand. In addition to beautiful views of the beach, Senggigi beach also save the underwater scenery is very attractive, and tourists can do snorkeling as much as the waves are very calm. You can also ride Cidomo, typical NTB transport pulled by a horse to get around on the coast.

That should not be missed when visiting this beach is the beauty of dusk had served Senggigi beach. Senggigi can also be an alternative to the newlyweds on their honeymoon, because of the sunset scene with a golden yellow light will add to the romance of newlyweds. Every year in mid-coast Senggigi Festival will be held. The festival will feature cultural attractions for a full week, here’s one more reason for tourists to stay longer in here.

Around this beach hotels are also available with varying prices, from the expensive to the hotel economically worthwhile.Not only that the facilities offered Senggigi beach, here also there various Restaurant, mini market and sellers knickknacks Lombok typical as well. One more thing, if you are fans of the night you don’t need to worry because here are also available with the glitter of the night discos Senggigi beach.

Senggigi Beach-Night


sunset at senggigi beach

white sand-senggigi beach

cidomo-senggigi beach

senggigi-view from the hill


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