Santorini, The Beautiful and Exotic Islands



Located on the Greek island of Santorini, the island is one of the main goals of Greece. Beauty and exoticism of the island is world famous among tourists. Settlements in Santorini is also very beautiful to look like a white housing on the artistic giant red cliffs. According to legend, the island is formed from a piece of land that was thrown into the sea from the Argo, the ship of Greek mythology. Historically, the island was once a colony of the kingdom of Sparta was never given the name Thira “the wild”. Over time the Venetian Empire built a small church called Santa Irene or in Greek: Agia Irini and eventually became Santorini. The name is still commonly used today, although since the founding of modern Greece – its official name is Thira.

This island is the remnant of a volcano in the middle of the sea, which in the last 2 million years has erupted at least 12 times. As a result of massive eruptions of this island’s got a unique shape like a crescent moon. On one side, the island is a steep cliff with a height of about 300 m. This is the side that was originally a volcanic caldera and is now a major attraction for the island’s stunning scenery, like a giant wall that emerged from the sea surface.

The other side of the island is formed by a relatively gentle slopes. on this side we can still find traditional village life with vineyards, white eggplant, cherry tomatoes and olives as well as animal donkey porters. In modern Santorini we will usually find a donkey as a tourist attraction, among others, as animals ride on the trail which traces the caldera wall.

This island has a length of about 17 km with a width of 6 km so by driving all over the island can be reached within a maximum of 50 minutes. Places are offered along the promenade or hiking with stunning views of the caldera between Fira and Oia (the largest settlement on the island). Of Oia you can enjoy the sunset was amazing. Here also there is a perfect beach for swimming, the red shore.

Another view is that you can enjoy the Akrotiri archaeological finds, ancient Thira, scuba diving or snorkeling in the ocean just how crystal clear and to the newlyweds surely this is a “honeymoon spot” is very romantic.

If you come to this island do not forget to taste the typical cuisine of Santorini is the island’s distinctive products such as white eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and fresh fish and octopus. Don’t forget to drink wine santorini as a complement to the seafood, Santorini wines have been known throughout Greece. During the peak holiday season from June to September, the island is visited by tourists, and therefore advised to book hotel rooms in advance.



Sunset – Oia


Oia at night




Fira at night


Read beach


views of the caldera



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