Safety Measures For Women Travelling To India

Women travelers are having second thoughts about their plans of travelling alone when it comes to their safety. India is a beautiful country. All the safety tips below will help you to prepare yourself to experience the enthralling beauty of this country.

Do you own research

India is a diverse country which has traditional, ancient and modern elements. Try to acquire as much knowledge about the culture as you can. For, Rajasthan can in no way be considered a modern state. It is one of the traditional states of India. The dresses that you wear should be according to the culture and environment of the State. Wearing dresses that does not match up to the culture can attract unwanted attention towards your own self. However, wearing modern type of dresses is always acceptable in any metropolitan cities.

Reduce your expectations

India is a traditional country and there are certain types of limitations. When you are travelling from the western most part of the continent you cannot expect activities that are accepted there to be acceptable in India too. You should abstain yourself from any kind over friendly behavior with the male section of the society. You should also be very careful about moving around freely in the night time. It is better to be realistic and save yourself from any kind of danger.

Understand the difference between being polite and being confident

The way you carry yourself when you travel plays a very major role in your safety. Being confident can help you through the journey very smoothly. Put up a fa├žade that will show that you are capable of fighting danger. Politeness is often misinterpreted as being meek. This can sometimes lead to harassment. You should learn some local language and show your anger when necessary.

Take care when talking to men

In India you need to take care when you deal with men. Talking to uneducated men can give them a wrong signal. This is because women from other countries are often taken to be easily approachable. In certain sections of the society the mixing of genders in a free manner is also looked down upon. Men cannot deal with dating and flirting in a sophisticated manner. Your over friendliness can be gauged by the men who are educated and belong to the high societies otherwise it can easily be misinterpreted.

Apply strategies for transport

You should plan out strategies for travelling safely at night. When it is too late at night ask somebody to accompany you to your home. Plan your travel in such a way that you do not find yourself in the airport or in the railway station in the middle of the night. Always make it to point to stay connected to your friends. Many hotels offer the service of picking you up after you arrive in the airport or the railway station.

Keep a mobile phone

It is very essential to keep a mobile phone. It can provide you with convenience as well as safety. When you find in kind of trouble you can use the mobile phone to call up someone to help you out of the situation.

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