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If we are talking about south korea, then the mind is romance as we see in the production of Korean dramas. The following is a romantic tourist spots in south korea that you must visit with your spouse when they travel to south korea. Some of these places are never reviewed before, but these beautiful places will remain attractive even though it was reviewed many times.

1. Nami Island

Autumn – Nami Island

Nami Island is located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. a place where there is a story of love and beauty are different in each season. This island has a vast grassland, tree lined Chestnut, Birch trees, Ginko tree, and Maple. In addition, equipped with the zoo facilities, recreation and accommodation tour bus for 15 thousand won. This place is just perfect for a walk and see the romantic scenery. Nami Island is not really an island native, is an Island Bukhangang River, which is created as a result of the development Cheongpyeong Dam. Circumference of the island is about 6 km and 430 000 m wide and there are 260 000 m area of grassland in the center of the island. On this island you will find a tomb in the Joseon Dynasty General Nami who at that time died at the young age of 27. Nami-General of the name of this beautiful island is named. The island also had to be the set of legendary drama “Winter Sonata”.

Winter – Nami Island



2. Jeju Island

This island is situated at the end of the Korean peninsula and close to the Japanese. Jeju island is a volcanic island, 130 km south of the Korean coast. Jeju island in Korea called the Jeju-do. Jeju-do is the largest island and smallest province in Korea, the which has a surface area of 1846 km2. Jeju island we can see a variety of subtropical plants are colorful because the climate is influenced Jeju Island Asia and the 4 seasons, so Jeju was warm even in winter though. There are also wonderful places such as recreation, Mount Halla, Haenyeo Museum, Jungmun Beach, Geumneung Beach, Teddy Bear Museum, Donneko Waterfalls, and much more. This island is also known as the “Honeymoon Island”, because the island has become one of the popular honeymoon destination in Korea.

Jeju Island


Jungmun Beach



3. Han River

Han River

Han River in Seoul is a river formed by the confluence of the Rivers and River Namhan Bukhan. The length of the Han River is 514 km. Han River which divides the city of Seoul is very clean, no garbage or scattered in the surrounding areas were inundated. Han River is suitable as a place for a walk at night, a place to express love, or just simply looking at its beauty. Han river has also been used as a filming Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers.

Han River at night


4. Love Padlock at the N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is a Korean icon is located in Namsan Park. We can enjoy the beauty of the city of Seoul from a height of 236.7 m in here. Another attraction of this high tower, the padlocks of love. Love Lock padlocks are commonly installed in some corner of the N Seoul Tower has been provided. They believe if the two lovers put locks of love in the eternal love they will undoubtedly because it symbolizes love padlock lovers. Once the padlock is locked lovers together up the N Seoul Tower and then throw away the key lock from a height. The padlock will be locked forever so that this tradition is called Love Lock. Attach love padlocks tradition has been popular since the 1990s.

Love Lock



5. Ice Skating Rink Grand Hyatt Hotel Seoul
Each winter from December to February, an outdoor pool Grand Hyatt Hotel turned into a ice skating rink area of 910 square meters. Ice skating rink outdoor use concepts that can see the atmosphere of the Han River from the ice rink. ice rink Grand Hyatt Hotel presents an atmosphere like a winter wonderland, because it uses the latest technology, lighting and sound great. You and your love can play a romantic skating, ie holding hands or put your hands and your partner into a jacket pocket so as not to freeze time. This location is never used as a filming scenes on a romantic date drama “Boys Over Flowers” and the reality show “We Got Married”.

Ice Skating Rink Grand Hyatt Hotel Seoul

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