Rock Island Sailing – Belitung, Indonesia

Rock Island Sailing


This island is a formation of huge granite boulders where there are two large stones standing vertically so that the shape is like a screen with a white sand island as his ship. Formation that makes the inhabitants of this place called the Rock Islands Sailing. island area is only for tennis courts, you can round the circumference of the island is only by foot in less than 10 minutes. For those of you who do tour island hooping in the Belitung, Indonesia,  taken approximately 15 minutes from the port of Tanjung Kelayang.

Rock Island Sailing was still in the area on the beach Tanjung Kelayang west coast. Here there are many boulders with an artistic formation. The main sights of this island are two granite stones that stand vertically as high as approximately 10 meters. Anyone here that is unique, a granite rock on the beach where the water is partially covered the upper part is shaped like a shark fin or similar also with shark’s teeth. There has been no name of this stone, so let’s call it the Rock Shark Fin. Because of its unique stone is often perpetuated by the photographers who visit here. White sand on the island will only be visible when the tide is low, meaning that the boat will be anchored only at low tide as well.

Sea around the island is very beautiful and shallow, with crystal clear sea water and there are also many coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling. While snorkeling but make sure you wear a life jacket, because sometimes quite strong ocean currents. On the island is sometimes a lot of feathers Pigs (Sea Urchin) similar animals such as spiny sea urchins with sharp thorns as sharp as needles. Make sure you use shoes or sandals when walking on the sea coast, especially on the East side of the island.

Exotic – Rock Island Sailing


crytal clear – rock island sailing


pile of granite rocks – rock island sailing


Beautiful-Rock Island Sailing

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