Private Islands for Sale Under $500K

How many of you dream of moving to an island? We suggest taking it one step further and buying your own private island. We’ve rounded up 10 private islands for sale under $500K USD so you can make the dream a reality.

Location: Belize

Cost: $225,000

Size: 1.41 acres

Move-in ready? This undeveloped island has no structures (that will be up to you to build) and sits on the eastern side of the Turneffe Atoll making fishing, snorkeling, diving and kayaking all easily accessible.

Location: French Polynesia

Cost: $249,000

Size: 1.8 acres

Move-in ready? One hour by boat from Rangiroa airport, this undeveloped Tahitian islet features swaying palms and a white-sand beach — the perfect spot for your new beach house.

Location: Panama

Cost: $380,000

Size: 0.75 acres

Move-in ready? Located in the Bocas Del Toro region, this move-in ready island is self-powered and features a two-bedroom home, a party shack, a private beach, a boathouse and a swim dock.

Location: Belize

Cost: $249,000

Size: 0.7 acres

Move-in ready? This white-sand fringed island in the Turneffe Atoll is currently undeveloped. Its close proximity to the reef means it’s near some of Belize’s best fishing and diving spots.

Location: Tonga

Cost: $317,000

Size: 1.09 acres

Move-in ready? Set in the Vava’ua island group of Tonga, the undeveloped Tahifehifa Island would make the perfect spot for your own personal overwater bungalow.

Location: Nicaragua

Cost: $500,000

Size: 2.5 acres

Move-in ready?: Located about 3 miles off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, Pink Pearl Island features a main house, three cabanas, a fisherman’s style shack, and a bar/restaurant. The island is currently being run as a turnkey tourism business, but could easily be used as a personal retreat.

Location: Belize

Cost: $300,000

Size: 2.3 acres

Move-in ready? This undeveloped island located at the Southern tip of Saddle Caye features abundant coral in the surrounding waters and a stretch of sand that will be perfect for sunning and splashing once you build.

Location: French Polynesia

Cost: $354,500

Size: 3.608 acres

Move-in ready? This undeveloped island in the Tuamotus, bordered by vibrant turquoise waters, is an unspoiled, tranquil spot to reconnect with nature.

Location: Belize

Cost: $350,000

Size: 1 acre

Move-in ready? Located on the northern tip of the Turneffe Atoll and featuring a tiny cottage, Turneffe Point Caye is a dream location for flats fisherman.

Location: French Polynesia

Cost: $446,500

Size: 18.86 acres

Move-in ready? This large undeveloped island located in the Raraka Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago is home to a coconut grove and white-sand beaches. Build a beach bungalow and make it your home.

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