Pommes de Terroir – The New York Times

Pommes de Terroir – The New York Times:

It seems that Sweden is having something of a potato boom complete with a burgeoning “potato culture” and, naturally, vodka. Except they’re trying to do it right.

“Absolut was basically a Madison Avenue creation,” Ekelund explained one evening on a drive near his farm. “The design on the bottle was everything. It was supposed to taste like nothing, so that it could be mixed with anything.” […]

The first batch of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka, named after Borje Karlsson, the master blender behind both the new spirit and the original Absolut recipe, hit the market four years ago, to rave reviews. Some 50 of Cape Bjare’s farmers supply the distillery, near Stockholm, with seven kinds of potatoes. Karlsson’s is served in restaurants across the peninsula, often over ice with a bit of cracked pepper. It’s slowly taking hold in New York and in California’s wine country, Ekelund said. “Brandy was not made in a day.”

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