Planning Your Summer Whistler Trip

From Vancouver it is possible to travel to Whistler, British Columbia in less than two hours along Sea to Sky Highway 99, or to explore some fantastic sites en route. Starting from Vancouver, one of the first things that grab your attention is the first in a series of kiosks relating the history and culture of two aboriginal nations. These kiosks are readily identified by the appearance of information panels nestled beneath cedar-tree-shaped-caps. Along the route, there are special areas to espy Spring Salmon Hummingbirds along their migratory pathway. At various vendor stands, beautiful hand carvings depicting the birth of spring afford visitors the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind carvings of eagles, native drummers, bears and totem poles.

Whistler, British Columbia
Whistler, British ColumbiaJunnn / Water Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Continuing along the highway brings travelers to Porteau Cove Provincial Park in How Sound. Legend has it that a serpent with two heads, the Say-noth-ka haunted, Howe Sound. In this 123 acre 50hectare park, scuba divers and researchers are still studying the remains of two sunken vessels. Camping is available along the shoreline of Howe Sound, however no fishing or displacement of marine life habitats is permitted. The sound is a mecca for scuba divers, kayak aficionados and pedal-boat enthusiasts. Architecture lovers find the log cabins erected in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics to be very interesting, especially in light of the ornate wood carvings adorning both the inside and outside walls. Many guests elect to rent cabins in advance to enjoy one of the best eagle watching spots in the world.

Along the Sea to Sky Highway, it is well worth the time to visit the Britannia Mine Museum. From the early 1900s to around 1970, Britannia was a fully operational copper mine. One of the most popular things to do while visiting the mine is to experience the life of a miner on a mining car ride through tunnels used to access the copper veins. All visitors are required to wear hardhats during their trip. Other activities include panning for gold competitions and watching blacksmiths createdecorative items from copper. Additionally, more activities available at the Britannia Mine Museum are guided tours of exhibits by mining industry students from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Since 1971, lectures and interactive exhibits afford the opportunity to learn more about mining history and its influence on our world of today.

For railroad enthusiasts, visiting West Coast Railway Heritage Museum affords the opportunity to view an extensive collection of railway paraphernalia. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to board and examine various train cars including ones used for passenger service and snow removal. In additional to these exhibits, demonstrations of train car and equipment restoration have been a popular tourist attraction since the museum’s grand opening in 1994. It is important to note that these remarkable attractions are not only accessible by those with their own vehicles. It is also possible to access these attractions using public transportation such as the Vancouver to Whistler bus and shuttle services. Visit today and start planning your summer Whistler trip today!

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