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Namaqualand, Once Barren Desert Paradise Flowers – Best Place Vacation

Namaqualand, Once Barren Desert Paradise Flowers



Namaqualand is located in the arid desert of South Africa. An area of 60,000 square kilometers is just filled with dry soil because there is no rain here. But when the spring is instantly turned into a paradise of blooming flowers. When the rain began to wet the area, gently beautiful buds begin to squirm through the soil and rocks. Namaqualand which had been barren wasteland and turned into a  flower desert in July and October.

More than 3,000 kinds of flowers grow and the other half is a typical rate that can not be found anywhere but here. One of the most unique tree is a tree Halfmens here. Unique tree found only in this place is shaped like a cactus with flowers and leaves at the tip. Leaves as plates that protect the flower, while the flowers as a charming main menu. Halfmens flower blooms when the sun is shining brightly.

Like a flower desert in a fairy tale, the birds came complement the natural beauty here. Sugarbird birds came to pick up the flower and spread pollen to other places. Weaver bird nest in the trees around and a nice complement to the booms are tunable. No wonder the book 101 Romantic Getaways put this place into one of the destinations of his choice.

There are more interesting from Namaqualand, the telephone line called the Flower Hotline highly desirable tourist, who had come to see the beautiful flowers here. In the spring between the months of July to October you can call the local government (Flower Hotline) to ask what the best flowers that bloom this year and where it was.


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