Most Popular Tourist Destination Austin

Austin, Texas. Many people may not realize that Austin is the capital of Texas, not Dallas / Fort Worth or Houston. The city is one of the popular places in America for a vacation for young professionals, students, and artists.

More and more people are interested in moving to Austin. In recent decades, the capital of Texas has grown steadily, so that it attracts people ranging from young professionals from the city, to the artists and students.

The changes are very visible, from the busy city center into a trendy and expensive environment. However, Austin is able to maintain the mellow feel of a small town. Winner many times as the best place to live, is also a place worth visiting.

Therefore, the city offers many attractions and activities for tourists. Austin offers recreational activities ranging from golf to walking in a beautiful park. Then shopping, restaurants and nightlife is world class but present in the atmosphere of friendliness Texas-style home.

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