Jeju Island – The “Honeymoon Island”

Jeju Island

Annyeonghaseyo… ^-^

Korea is currently very popular in international circles, especially in Asia. For fans of Korean drama, you definitely hear the familiar name of this island. popularity not only through Kpop and serial his plays. Tourism in Korea are also increasingly attracted international community, one of which is the island of jeju. This island is an island that is often used as a filming of Korean origin.

This island is situated at the end of the Korean peninsula and close to the Japanese. Jeju island is a volcanic island, 130 km south of the Korean coast. Jeju island in korea called the Jeju-do. Jeju-do is the largest island and smallest province in Korea, which has a surface area of 1846 km2. Jeju island is a tourist objyek worth a visit when you vacation in South Korea. Jeju island scenery that you can enjoy include mountains, beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, flower beds and extensive grasslands.

Why jeju island dubbed the “Honeymoon Island” ??? the answer is because the island has become one of the popular honeymoon destination in Korea. There are many interesting sights and packed with romantic atmosphere in Jeju. These is a series of tourist attractions on the island of jeju.

  1.  Mount Halla (Halla San)

Jeju island there is Halla mountain, this mountain is the highest mountain in South Korea. Reaches 1950 meters. This tour is suitable for those of you who like to climb. during the summer there are lots of mist that covers the top of this mountain that gives the impression of romantic pleasure for those who visit it. This is why many people prefer to visit during the summer. This mountain is not only beautiful in summer, while winter will look beautiful because the top will be covered by snow.

2. Jungmun Beach

The beach is not too crowded, so the beach is very suitable for a place to relax with your partner. one attraction of this beach is a sand color assortment of red, white, and black. This region is also usually used for shooting movies and commercials. Here we can also do water sports such as skiing or surfing.

3. Museum Haenyeo

Haenyeo Korean language is a means for female divers. According to the mean, the museum is based on the history of women divers who are looking for pearls and shells on the sea floor without a full wetsuits.

4. Secret Theme Park

Secret Theme Park is a new tourist attractions on the island of jeju. The new park opened on May 21, 2012. This park is referred to as garden art erotic sex scene. in the sculpture garden, there are vital tools. Human statue of lovers. Such animal sculpture monkey and bear lovers. On one wall, also displayed a painting parody ‘Last Supper’ by Leonardo DaVinci. Only those that have been classified as an adult is allowed to enter.

Jeju Island is famous for its hospitality of the people who make us feel comfortable on vacation here.




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