Hotels in Cambodia Cheapest in the World

Are you among those who consider the cost of accommodation when they want to travel abroad?

If so, the results of a survey conducted by recently could be a reference for you.

From the results of a survey conducted by around the world found that, on average hotel prices in Southeast Asian countries is fairly cheap compared to prices in other countries.

Quoted from Smh, Wednesday (5/9), the list, put country first diurutan Cambodia as the country with the average price of the cheapest hotels in the world. Hotel prices in the city of Siem Rea as only $ 65 per night.

Besides Cambodia, Vietnam country was crowned as the country with the cheapest hotel rates. Average hotel in the country is around $ 72 a night, especially in the city of Hanoi. Meanwhile, the average rate in the Philippines is also among the cheapest hotel rates. In the city of Cebu, Philippines, average hotel rates here only $ 73.

For the Indonesian state itself is in ninth place as the country with the cheapest hotel rates. Average hotel in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta only $ 125 per night.

In addition to issuing a list of countries with the cheapest hotel, also explained several countries that have the most expensive hotel rates. In the list, the country of Brazil, particularly in the city of Rio de Janeiro ranks first as the country with the world’s most expensive hotel rates, with rates ranging from $ 290 million per night.

For the second position itself as the country with the most expensive hotel rates in place of the United States. In Uncle Sam’s, his hotel rates range from $ 260 per night.

Here’s a list of some cities in South Asia with the cheapest hotel rates

1. Siem Reap $ 63
2. Hanoi $ 70
3. Cebu $ 71
4. Chiang Mai $ 78
5. Ho Chi Minh City $ 81
6. Pattaya $ 81
7. Manila $ 83
8. Bangkok $ 95
9. Jakarta $ 106
10. Phuket $ 108