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Heavenly Beaches of Bali – Best Place Vacation

Heavenly Beaches of Bali

Bali is one of the most coveted destinations for beach lovers. The travelers travel to Bali for taking a dip in the clear water of the sea and for lying down on the clear white sand. Travelers also love to surf in the string currents of the sea. There are various beaches in Bali. There are some that has rocks that emerged from the coral reefs and there are others that have sand that are black or white in color. So your choice depends on the kinds of things you prefer to do on the beach.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach has tall palm that grows around it. There are various fragrant trees, mangroves of wild nature in the midst of the clear blue water of the ocean and the golden sand of the beach. There are various hotels that are available around this beach.  Swimming in this beach will be a great experience because of the low currents. The surfer can go toward the southern or the northern end for surfing. This destination is almost close to heaven.

Beach 1

Kuta Beach

The Kuta Beach is situated in the city of Kuta. The wave current of this beach is very strong. This makes the ideal destination for the surfers. The strong currents make it difficult for the swimmers to swim. Hence it is not the perfect place for swimmers. The beach is mostly visited by the tourists who are from the local regions. There are various beach clubs that hold beach parties which can be your source of entertainment. The famous Hard Rock café is situated on this beach.



Padang-Padang Beach

The beach is known to be surrounded by the huge plants and oversized rocks.  There are narrow passage ways leading down to the beach. There have caves on the beach. The caves can act as shelter during the time of high tide. The beach is also good for swimming because of its low currents. There are sea urchins and sharp corals that you need to be aware of. The beach has not lost its charm over the years.

Lovina Beach

The less popularity of the beach keeps it calm and serene. It is located in the northern part of Bali. The beach has black sand which the cooled lava of the volcano on Mt Agung. The sea is always calm which makes it ideal for swimming. A few yards away from the beach there is a village of fisherman with some friendly inhabitants.  There are thermal hot springs in this village that originate from the waters of the volcano. The dolphins that are seen during the sunrise is the main attraction of this beach.



Nyang Nyang Beach

Another very beautiful beach of Bali is the Nayng Nyang beach. The road to this beach is winding one going uphill and downhill through a small forest.  The beach is not over-crowed by tourists. You may come across people who are harvest sea weeds near that area. The road to the beach is very slippery and is not a preferable destination if you have children along with you. You also need to take precaution against the various germs and poisonous mosquitoes.

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