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Still mulling over your halloween costume? We’ve love these tropical-themed ideas for him, her, groups, kiddos and four-legged friends. Bonus: They’re all available on Amazon, so you can avoid the last-minute scramble and the hassle of heading to the Halloween store.


Gilligan’s Island

Rally your friend to dress up as Gilligan, the Skipper too, a movie star and Mary Ann (admit it, you sang that just then, didn’t you?), and hopefully your Halloween party won’t be quite as fateful as the Minnow‘s three-hour tour.

Ocean Animal Costumes

Feeling a little crabby that you don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Grab a few friends to don the shark, sea turtle, and sea horse costumes and make Halloween feel like a day at the beach.


Pirate Costume

Avast, ye landlubber, if you’ve ever wanted to be a pirate, Halloween is the perfect time to give pillaging and plundering a test run. Learn a few pirate phrases to add some authenticity.

Poseidon Costume

Be the god of the sea in this Poseidon costume — don’t be surprised if you’re fighting off mermaids all night. If you already have a mermaid, you can do a couple’s costume.

Tropical Tourist Costume

Not everyone is a super stylish traveler, and this tropical tourist costume showcases some of our favorite fashion faux pas. Don’t forget to add a stripe of zinc sunscreen down your nose.


Pineapple Costume

Comfortable yet still sassy, this pineapple costume is sure to be the talk of any party. Just don’t stand too close to the snack table, lest you be confused for dessert.

Hula Dancer Costume

Celebrate in classic island style with this hula dancer costume, available in eight colors. Gather your girlfriends — or your guy friends — to create a colorful troupe.

Mermaid Costume

Pair this mermaid skirt and starfish headband with your own bikini top and you’ve got an instant mermaid costume, sure to attract Poseidon’s attention.


Baby Octopus Costume

Bundle up your baby in this adorable octopus costume and watch your… er… their candy haul increase tenfold.

Dory Costume

Everyone’s favorite forgetful fish, Dory, is sure to be a hit with the younger set. Pair her with Nemo — if you can find him, that is.

Flamingo Costume

Deck your little one out in this festive flamingo costume and they’ll be ready to flamingle with all the neighborhood kids while they trick-or-treat.


Mermaid Dog Costume

Why should your pup miss out on all the fun? Deck out your dog in this mermaid costume and bring her along while you trick-or-treat. Just keep her away from the candy — chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Pirate Dog Costume

Perhaps a pirate is more your pup’s speed. If you can teach him to talk like a pirate, we’ll be really impressed.

Shark Dog Costume

Halloween doesn’t fall during Shark Week, but don’t tell your dog that! Your pup will look adorable in this shark attack costume and is sure to get plenty of sympathy pets while you trick-or-treat.

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