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Gili Trawangan, a tourist heaven in Lombok, Indonesia – Best Place Vacation

Gili Trawangan, a tourist heaven in Lombok, Indonesia

Gili Trawangan, Means of accommodation and transport than ever to be met by a tourist destination, as a tourist attraction three Gili (islet): Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, which entered the village of Gili Indah, District Winner, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara .

The tools that seem available, relatively easy, and inexpensive to quite a lot of options if the tourists visit there.

From the Bus Terminal Mandalika, Mataram, the capital of the NTB, you can ride public transportation to North Lombok, then down at the Port Ward, winner of the Village-entrance to the islands. The cost of the Ward Mandalika $2 per person.

Indeed, no public transport department of North Lombok, which in the east mengetem Selaparang Airport, the fare is cheaper, $2 per person, up to Port Ward is taken about 40 minutes from Mataram. Hotels in Mataram also provide a rental car between $65 and $45 per day.

Gili trawangan

Gili trawangan

This trip can choose the path of the forest or the beach. If you choose the route forest, you will bypass Pusuk forests, habitat for the gray ape community on the roadside waiting for the riders and public transport of passengers throwing food (bread, bananas, etc.) for them. Tourists stop here to feed the monkeys as he tasted the sweet wine of water, and durian.

If you choose a coastal path, after entering the area of Senggigi, on your left side is a beautiful panorama of blue sea and blue sky. In the distance, Mount Agung in Bali pins. The atmosphere is quiet … and you are free to stop anywhere in a number of deserted beaches full of coconut trees, then nyemplung, dripping down the white sand with salt water as high as the knee ….

As the season durian, durian prices $2-$4 per seed. A water bottle-sized sweet wine 1 liter and 600 milliliter bottles of beverage packaging sold $0.5-$0.6. In some places in this region can be seen the process of making brown sugar, actually produced in the form of briquettes (for sweets), usually taken by athletes. A box of brown sugar briquettes sold at $3.

gili trawangan

Gili trawangan island

Ward was waiting in the public transport boat crossing to the three dyke. Tickets purchased at the office of the cooperative’s relatively cheap transportation manager, at $ 10,000 per person for the department Trawangan, $2 to the Meno, and Gili Air to $1. A maximum of 25 passengers occupied. Boat sailed from ward to Trawangan takes about 45 minutes, to Meno and 30 minutes to the Air 20 minutes.

If you are reluctant to jostle, which can be chartered there, certainly more expensive tariff. One-way fare of $19 Ward-Trawangan, Meno $17, and the Air $16. Had no intention of staying, so-so charter boat for $47 for the three dyke stop in for a while.

The journey can be reached from Senggigi tourist charter boat with a capacity of two-four people at a rate of $40, while the capacity is 10 people rent is $60 commute. Senggigi-trip packages to go the route about 60 minutes, or a shorter route than the trip home Senggigi Trawangan, which reached 1.5 hours because of the boat against the currents.

In line with the onslaught of three dyke tourism, many fast boats that make a direct crossing from Bali, Nusa Lembongan from Padangbai and the cost is $50, $60 per person, with a journey time of about two hours.

Lodging in three dyke is also a lot of options, with differing rates of thin, although tourists tend to stay on Gili Trawangan the lodging facilities, transportation, utilities diving, snorkeling, until more complete souvenir items. Usually tourists who want to go diving and snorkeling from the Meno and Trawangan water because there is a regular boat service lines early in the afternoon Trawangan, Meno and Air round-trip.

In Sydney, for the deep pockets, are available to rent a five-star hotel USD 1.5 million a night or intermediate rent accommodation $55-Rp $65 per night. The cheapest is the jasmine-standard accommodation at a cheap rate $11 to $16 a night, plus free service snack and a cup of coffee and sweet tea in the morning.

gili beach

After breakfast, please do snorkeling and do not need to bring their own tools for mask a lot rented for $6 a day. So even if a dive, simply provide $65 to pay rent diving equipment following the instructor.

Satisfied to see the underwater sights, the next program is a complete walk around the small islands for an hour. If you are reluctant to walk, enough to reach into his pocket to rent bikes $6 and $8 per hour per day. Cidomo ride (vehicle tires with wheel carts) is another alternative walk along the beach Gili Trawangan (area of 338 hectares) or Gili Air, one-way cost is $9 and $6.

About eating, according to the existing capital in the pocket, there is a restaurant that provides a variety of seafood worth hundreds of thousands. However, there are also stalls that provide rice mixed with a perfunctory side dishes, enough to spend $2-$3.

Well … not wrong to include Lombok, and three dyke in particular, the list of holiday events you and your family. Facilities, accommodation, and the cost is relatively easy and inexpensive. Vacation and stay at the three dyke may also relax the nerves due to a variety of issues ….

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