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Free Personal Shopping at Boston’s Copley Place: Shopping Article by 10Best.com – Best Place Vacation

Free Personal Shopping at Boston’s Copley Place: Shopping Article by 10Best.com


If you’re in Boston and looking to spruce up your wardrobe, find the perfect fit for your changing body, shop for a special event or just get a little style lift, then take advantage of Copley Place‘s personal shopping experience.

Available for men and women alike, the experience means you’ll spend two glorious hours being escorted throughout the mall and trying on styles handpicked just for you – from any store that suits your budget and style. 

Although your personal shopping experience could be last minute if their personal shoppers aren’t booked, you’ll get the most from your time if you plan in advance.  

Sorting styles — Photo courtesy of Jessica Polizzotti

To schedule, simply contact Copley Place to find a time and date that works for you. Then, plan a call with their personal shopper. This 15-minute conversation will give her a sense of your tastes and what you’re looking to accomplish during your consultation. 

With many stores at Copley Place falling in the high-end category, it’s important to communicate, too, what you’re willing to spend per piece, so that your personal shopper can keep your budget in mind. If you’ve got a Gap budget, you won’t want to waste your time in Nieman Marcus.

On the other hand, if money is no object, then you’ll have free reign to enjoy what every store has to offer.

Your personal shopper will use your budget information when selecting stores to visit and pulling pieces for you to try on.

And try on you must, because your personal shopper will insist upon it. Her eye for your style is on point, and her choice of sizes on target. She’ll have a style profile mapped out for you, but she’ll guide you through sections of various stores while pointing out pieces she’s pre-shopped for based on your conversation and her research.

Personal shopping at Copley Place — Photo courtesy of Jessica Polizzotti

Her ideas may surprise you, but be sure to give them a shot, because the looks she’ll pull will be worth a try-on. Honest feedback is important. She won’t make you feel badly about your thighs or any other body part, but she’ll be sure to guide you towards styles that suit you. 

The most important thing you’ll take from your personal shopping experience at Copley Place will not be what’s in the bags, but the knowledge you gain from your personal shopper. She’ll teach you about style and what works best for you.

For instance, you may love a certain look, but your personal shopper may show you how to call attention to your assets in attire you’d never thought of before. You’ll be surprised by what you feel comfortable in and by the styles you thought you’d love but don’t once other options are on your body. 

Men should not shy away from this service, because a meeting with a personal shopper at Copley Place can easily update your attire without bothering the lady in your life – allowing her to believe your style is all of your own doing.

Be forewarned: this service is addictive. And after your first free consultation, it becomes fee-based, but still so worth it. 


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