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Death of Edgar Allan Poe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Because Poe was found on the day of an election, it was suggested as early as 1872 that he was the victim of cooping. This was a ballot-box-stuffing scam in which victims were shanghaied, drugged, and used as a pawn to vote for a political party at multiple locations. Cooping had become the standard explanation for Poe’s death in most of his biographies for several decades, though his status in Baltimore may have made him too recognizable for this scam to have worked. More recently, analysis suggesting that Poe’s death resulted from rabies has been presented.

Edgar Allen Poe was found in the streets, babbling incoherently and wearing clothes that weren’t his. Several times before he died, he cried out the name “Reynolds” though nobody knows to whom he was calling.

It’s no surprise that the cause of Poe’s mysterious death is attributed to politics or rabies.

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