Combitrip: The new elite travel search engine

Whether you’re flying, driving, taking a train, a bus, or all the above, Combitrip will help you find the best routes and costs for your trip. Photo courtesy of Al Fresco Holidays

Sure, there’s plenty of travel websites that help you find cheap deals on airfare, train fare, and bus fare. And yes, you can discover some dangerously low prices on those websites. But, what if there was a website that considered every single mode of transportation that would be utilized on your trip (i.e. the taxi from the airport, car rentals, etc.)? is THE website to map out all aspects of travel for your proposed trip. Unlike basic travel comparing websites, “Combitrip plans the journey from door-to-door covering all incidental costs and time, and reveals insightful routes between two points to enable the users to make a more informed and sensible choice,” as stated in the Dutch start-up’s press release.

Combitrip’s extensive and comprehensive database explores all relevant airports and airlines in a given area and ensures that users find the best possible price. And the

And the Combitrip search engine analyzes virtually all travel modes such as buses, planes, trains, car rentals, public transportation, and rideshare. The user is also exposed to the best possible route choices through the use of Combitrip.

Combitrip also provides an easy platform in which users can navigate through, and compare the best available travel options. Combitrip’s press release notes that “the detailed, yet organized overview enables the users to easily navigate through the suggested travel itineraries and choose the one which best suits their personal preferences based on costs, timing, and duration.”

You may think that because of the fact that Combitrip is a Dutch start-up that most of their travel information pertains to the Netherlands. But, Combitrip actually supports numerous travel options, including:

  • Flights worldwide; all airlines
  • Buses worldwide; most recognized bus services
  • Car hire worldwide; all major companies
  • Public Transport worldwide; all urban places
  • Trains in West Europe and North America
  • Carpool all around Europe

No matter the type/mode of travel you plan on utilizing for your trip, Combitrip will not only provide with you the cheapest costs, but it will also provide you with the most favorable routes to get you to and from your proposed destination.

Why limit yourself to a one-trick-pony-website that only gives you a chance to find cheap flights? Give Combitrip a try when planning your next trip so you can find your desired cheap flight, as well as your desired cheap train, bus, car, public transit, or whatever you may need to traverse your vacation spot with ease and cost-effectiveness.

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Shane Fay is a creative writer and soccer enthusiast from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts intent on traveling across Europe to enhance his knowledge of the beautiful game, and explore the vast and various landscapes that the continent has to offer.

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