Beautiful Places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a republic in southeastern Europe, is a country full of history and culture. The following are the beautiful places in Bulgaria that could be an alternative to traveling.

1. Sofia

Sofia is the capital bulgaria.di Here you will find many buildings that display a blend of the old pattern of communist architecture and modern European architecture is very stylish. South of the city there are several buildings of medieval cathedrals built in the call Sveta Nedelya Cathedral and St. Semerdjuska Petra. Whereas in the eastern city of Sofia Alexander Nevsky church are Neo Byzantine style, and a monument to commemorate the deaths of 200 thousand Russian soldiers.


Alexander Nevsky Carthedral


2. Shiroka Laka

Shiroka Laka is a village located in the southern region of the country Bulgaria. Architecture of the house in the village is very beautiful tradition of the 17th century. This village is an ideal place to stroll and explore.


Shiroka Laka architectural


3. Rila National Park

Rila National Park contains a variety of interesting animals and tanamana. we’ll find eagles, deer, goats, bats, and owls and other species of wildlife here. There are also 282 species of moss in the garden as well as 233 species of fungi. in this national park are Mount musala, is the highest mountain in Bulgaria which has reached 9,500 ft elevation.


Rila National Park


Rila national park scenery


4. Belogradchik is a small town near the border with Serbia in the Balkan foothills of northwestern Bulgaria. Belogradchik has some incredible rock formations. Here you can meikmati tengelam beautiful sun on the rocks but that you also will find a blend Kaleto fortress with magnificent ancient rock.





Melnik is a small village that lies beneath the sand dunes and is home to about 400 people. This village can be in use for two hours from the capital Sofia. Interesting sights here is a lot of vines grown in this village and almost every house in this village has its own wine cellar.






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