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Best Pineapple Gifts | Islands – Best Place Vacation

Best Pineapple Gifts | Islands


It’s hard to say why we adore pineapples so much. Maybe it’s their long history as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Or maybe it’s because they remind us of our favorite tropical paradises in Hawaii and the Caribbean. Maybe it’s just because they’re delicious, especially in cocktails. And we especially love what a cute design element they can be, especially when incorporated into apparel and home decor. If you love pineapples as much we do (or know someone who does), grab these adorable pineapple gifts, stat.

Light up your life with this ceramic pineapple lamp. Available solo or as a pair, it’s sure to bring a little sunshine — and island vibes — into your space.

Share your love of pineapples with the world with this pineapple printed tank top. Available in multiple colors, it’s perfect to wear to the gym, while running errands or when lounging by the pool.

Serve up a snack in this pineapple dip bowl, make yourself a cold Mai Tai, close your eyes and pretend you’re sitting on a Hawaiian beach. Then go directly to your computer and book your next trip.

We’re fans of all things pineapple, especially this decorative pineapple tabletop fan. With two speeds, you can adjust the breeze so it feels just like your favorite island trade winds.

Whether it’s day drinking or drinking after a long day, it’s a scientifically proven fact* that wine tastes better in these stemless pineapple wineglasses. Even better if it’s pineapple wine from Maui Wine.

*OK, we made this up.

Since pineapples symbolize hospitality, greet your guests with this pineapple welcome mat. They’ll feel right at home when they stop by.

If you’re like us, the odds of having an unfinished bottle of wine that needs to be stored are slim to none. But in that unlikely event, you’ll be prepared with this pineapple bottle stopper.

You’ll probably have to ship a package at some point, right? So why not make it more fun with pineapple Duck Tape? Bonus travel tip: Slap some strips on your basic black suitcase and have an easier time finding your luggage on the carousel at the airport.

It’s art. It’s a cup. No, it’s both! Drink your daily dose of water at your desk out of this pineapple tumbler and brighten up your work day.

Snuggle up under this sweet summer weight pineapple throw blanket and dream of your next trip to the islands. Available in three sizes, it’s also a perfect travel blanket for your next flight or road trip.


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