Been to the Angry Bird Park – Finland

Angry Bird Park


It seems everyone would already know the Angry Bird, a game created by Rovio. Angry Bird character comes from Finland, which became very popular in the world. Angry birds attacking game that these pigs have been downloaded about 700 million times since launch in 2009. Angry Birds popularity is incredible. Now its products are present in the 10 million toys, notebooks, places to eat, blankets, bedspreads, and clothes. November 2011, the official Angry Birds store has opened in Helsinki, Finland.

For fans of this game has built an amusement park Rovio Angry Birds in Amusement Park Sarkanniemi, Tampere, Finlandia. The park is open to the public on 28 April 2012. With a ticket price of 35 euros (adults) and 29 Euro (children over 4 years), plus a discount when ordered in advance. The purpose of this park was built to motivate all the fans of Angry Birds game, parents and children, to enjoy playing outdoors. Reportedly, the park will be similar in other countries. Earlier also there is the theme of Angry Birds in Bird Park, which was launched in China in September last year, but is not licensed. So Angry Birds Garden is the first official theme of angry birds that are designed to work with game creator Rovio.

Angry Bird Park – Finland

Angry Bird Park – 1


Angry Bird Park – 2


Angry Bird Park – 3



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