Beautiful Andalucia

The inland towns of Andalucia offer beautiful architecture, little bars and restaurants offering tapas, cheap beer, great wine and great accommodation! You can visit Comares, Canillas de Aceituno, Colmenar, Sedella and Competa. All very beautiful and with only 25km from the Mediterranean sea, and 50km from the nearest airport, they are great spots for more adventures.

The hospitality of the Spanish people is excellent. It can happen that you get a bottle of bubbly on the house, just to thank you for your visit. People are also readily inviting you into their house, sometimes just for fun, other times to sell you some home grown produce.


Andalucia has a strong Moorish influence. Even though they lost the region to the Christians in the 15th century, you can still see the heritage they have left behind in the architecture in this region.

Sitting under the main mountain range of the area, Sierra de Tejeda is Canillas de Aceituno. The village is beautiful! There are hanging baskets of flowers outside every window, which makes the white buildings stand out even more so under the clear blue skies. The walls of this city date back to the Moorish era also, and with the added beauty of statues, religious paintings and pictures set in glass, this is a real iconic town.


Andalucia has a rich culture and strong cultural identity. Many things we see as ‘Spanish’ around the world are totally Andalucian, like bull fighting, the flamenco and the Moorish architecture. It is traditionally an agricultural region, you will find rows and rows of avocado and mango trees even on the steepest mountains here. Almonds, raising and citrus fruit are just as common.


Andalucia has great climate, with a mild winter and warm summer it can be visited by tourists all year around. It is actually the warmest place in Europe. It offers tourism of all kinds from ‘sun and sand’ tourism to cultural, environmental and sport tourism. There are hundreds of cultural destinations, cathedrals, castles, monasteries, most of which are on the World Heritage list. There are also plenty of architectural styles, as mentioned the Moorish influence previously, but you can also find baroque, renaissance and Islamic styles around the place.


Andalucia was the birthplace of some greats like Picasso. Picasso has a great museum dedicated to him in his birthplace, Malaga. There are plenty of other museums around also.

Set in the mountains is Lake Vinuela. The water is blue, the beer is cold and cheap, places for picnics is abound. Swimming and non-motorised water sports are permitted. There are also plenty of caves around that draw the tourists.

If you are after some hustle and bustle, you can always visit Torre del Mar. With its gorgeous promenade, and plenty of nightclubs it draws a large crowd.


Andalucia is a great place to visit, there is always something on offer. Apart from the sights, there are plenty of festivals and alike happening around the place. You will not get bored on this trip!


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