Amazing Churches Of India

Apart from its architecture the temples are also known to keep the faith of people alive. Hindu religion worships numerous Gods. This is the reason there is an extensive range of temples throughout India. Most of these temples are located in the southern part of India. Tamil Nadu itself has more than thirty thousand temples. These temples will turn out to be tone of the most attractive part of your visit.

Chamundeswari Temple

Chamundeswari Temple is a famous temple of Karnataka. It is situated on top of the Chamundi Hills of Mysore. The temple is dedicated to the goddess named Chamundeswari and that is how it gets its name. The Goddess is known to be an epitome of Shakti. This temple has become the main attraction of the city of Mysore. This temple was built by Hoysala along with some donations from the Mysore royal family. The door of this temple is made of silver and gold. The steps that lead to the hill were constructed in 1659. The temple is rumored to sacrifice animals in certain festivals.


Ramanathaswamy temple

This temple is located in Tamil Nadu, in the island town of Rameswaram. The temple worships Shiva. This temple is one of the Jyothirlinga temples. The Jyothirlinga temples worship Lord Shiva the form of linga. There are total twelve Jyothirlinga temples. The temple has the longest corridors among all the temples that are present in India. The shrine has two lingams. The first is the Ramalingam which was brought by Sita. The second is the Vishwalingam which was brought by Hanuman from the Kailash. It allegedly believed that Lord Rama instructed his followers to worship the Vishwalinga first. This is ritual is followed till date.
Shri Shri Madana Mohan Temple

This temple is also known by the name ISCKON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness). This temple had been established the Swami Abhay Caranarvinda Bhaktivedanta. He is also known as Srila Prabhupda. The ISCKON temple of Hyderabad is known to be the headquarters of the ISCKON temple chain. The temple was primarily built to worship lord Shiva. However, with time other deities like Radha Madan-Mohon, Jagannath, Baladeva-Subhadra and Shri Gaura-Nitai are also worshipped. The temple holds daily programs as well as special programs on Sunday. Devotees are also trained on Bhakti Yoga and the ways to lead a healthy and happy physical and mental life through Bhakti Vrksha.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple

Sree Padmanabhaswamy is located in the capital city Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. The temple worships Lord Vishnu who is believed to be the protector of the world. The city of Thiruvananthapuram gets its name from the temple of Shree Padmanabhaswamy. The name of the city when translated gives the meaning ‘the holy abode of Ananatha Padmanabha.’ The Gopuram of the temple is nearly hundred feet high. The platform on which the effigy of the deity rests was cut out of a single piece of rock. The rock was obtained from a nearby hill and hence, is known as the Othakkal Madapam.

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