Africa’s Sahara Desert

In the northern part of Africa there is the largest desert in the world: the Sahara Desert. Vast desert that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. Then, from the North Sea in the middle of Africa extending up to the Sahel in South Africa. When measured the extent of reaching 9 million square kilometers.
What makes the Sahara Desert become very unique and famous all over the world is because it was split into two African continent. Namely, the North Africa and Africa. Two parts of this region are very different, both in terms of climate and culture.
Sahara’s name comes from the Arabic for desert. This desert is estimated to have aged more than 2.5 million years. Sahara also has been known as the world’s hottest deserts. Temperature can sometimes reach 58 degrees Celsius.

Formerly, air temperature in the Sahara Desert is not really hot. In the first ice age, the Sahara is a very cool place. In fact, when the ice age ended about 10 thousand years ago, the climate in the Sahara is still very wet. The area was still covered with grassland and jungle.
However, the climate began to cool, but the extreme 360-degree turn since about 6,000 years ago. At that time the climate in Africa became very dry. From there, gradually forming themselves into the Sahara desert is barren and hot.
Sahara is a very unique and magical. Right in the middle of the desert there is a very high Ahaggar mountains looming. In the desert southwest there is a rocky plateau known as the Tassili. In the north and west there are vast sea of sand called Erg.
One of the wonders of the Sahara which is still legendary is the existence of Oasis, an area that has very high levels of soil fertility. There are 90 oases scattered throughout the desert.

One of the characteristics of the Sahara Desert which is also owned by 12 major deserts of the world, is a matter of rainfall. Most of the year, rain very seldom falls in the region. Daytime temperatures in the Sahara can be overpowering, but vice versa in the evening could stab bones because it is too cold.
Important cities around the Sahara, including Nouakchott (the capital of Mauritania), Tamanraset, Ouargla, Bechar, Messoud, Ghardaia, El Oued, Algiers, Agadez, Niger (Nigeria), Faya-Largeau, and Chad (Libya). These cities have a key role as adjacent to the Sahara. Such as desert and other desert in the world, the Sahara there are also typical of animals that are still alive. Dromedarius animals are Camels (Camelus Dromedarius).
Dromedarius camel is the only original Sahara camel still survive. Although the current existence is increasingly scarce, a camel in the Sahara are still bred zoos in the world.

The specialty of the Sahara camel is his ability to walk on top of a barren desert and the heat. With a speed of 13-16 km / h, the camel can go for hours nonstop to carry loads very much. Dromedarius camel in the Sahara is estimated to have been around since 4000 BC to BC2000.
Sahara also has a typical plant, such as dates. Palm trees in the Sahara usually grows fertile around the Oasis. In addition because the land is very fertile, the Oasis is also there could be a source of water for trees to grow food. Dates from the Sahara famous very tasty and good for health.
In the Sahara also lived of cactus plants, rough grass, brambles and grasses strings. Cactus would be very easy to find in the Sahara because it has special characteristics for survival. Cactus stems can store a lot of water supplies.
Sahara also save a tremendous natural wealth. In the bowels of the earth Sahara, there is a potential oil very much. Potential is also likely to be able to lift the economies of Arab countries to a high level of prosperity.
In the Sahara there are also people. Among other bedouin tribes, one of the tribes in Arabia. Bedouin tribes usually do live in a barren desert region. They survive from the existing oasis and a nomadic way of life (switch-switch).

Also live in the Sahara and the Tuareg tribe Arabiya Arab character, as well as ethnic Nubians, Zaghawa, Kanuri, Peul (Fulani), Hausmanit and Songhai, which characterized the African and black.

Very Beautiful Desert Sahara

Very Beautiful Desert Sahara

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