A Trip through Mumbai- India’s Megacity

Mumbai is the most happening city that has been growing relentlessly since 1950. The Megacity has had a recent boom in its economical sectors. This is the reason it is the financial capital of India. It has everything starting from the entertainment, culture, fashion as well as food. Bollywood which thrives in this city is known to be one of the World’s top most entertainment circles.

The city has been developing since time immemorial. Leaving out the historical part there are other aspects that you need to look out for.


Shoppers’ destination

Mumbai is the hub of fashion. Being the heart of Bollywood you will find all kinds of designer showrooms. These showrooms provide you exclusive fashion clothes and accessories. There are numerous shopping complexes advertising all kind of branded showrooms.

The street shops are of Mumbai are surely one the most interesting places to look out for if you are shopaholic. A visit to the city seems incomplete unless you shop your heart out. Though Mumbai has all kinds of branded stores starting from Louis Vuitton to Burberry, street shopping is the most fun part of the visit. The goods are sold in wholesale prices. You can also acquire some rejected export materials. People who are fashionable consider these commodities come as a blessing. From gaudy looking elements to elegant products you get it all here.

‘The place’ for foodies

Whether you are vegetarian or a non-vegetarian Mumbai has all kinds of food joints to favor your taste buds. It is known for its lip-smacking flavors. The food ranges from authentic savory dishes to exotic sea food. There are various kinds of posh restaurants that will cater to your food requirements. Being located in the coastal belt, the seafood of Mumbai is very famous.  It has a long history of trading fish. You get various types of fish dishes like grilled fish, baked fish and pickles of fish. Some of the authentic Mumbai fish dishes are the prawn tikki, surmai fish curry, Bombil fish curry.

The street food of Mumbai is one of the main attractions. There are innumerable hot spots that offer spicy, crunchy and tasty fast foods. The Chaat of this city is known to be very famous. One of the signature dishes of the street of Mumbai is Bhada Pao. Without this your venture of street is always incomplete.

There are also some famous sweet dishes. The Modak which they offer to God during the Ganpati Festival is a coveted sweet.

Mumbai Market

Art Junction

Your visit to Mumbai will only be worth it when you pay a visit to the art galleries. Mumbai has some of the top art galleries. The galleries showcase all kinds of art forms from old fashioned to contemporary. It showcases some of the most vibrant cultural arts.

Music station

Mumbai has some of the most popular music joints. There are clubs that plays live music. The music genre ranges from Indian to electronic metal. There are some clubs that plays contemporary jazz music. The restaurants in Mumbai are also known to hold live shows for their customers. Mumbai is a platform aspiring musicians.

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