A Honeymoon like no Other: Sail Away into the Sunset

What is it that makes a honeymoon unique? Is it the sights and sounds you see, or new foods you taste for the first time? Perhaps the most important aspect of any honeymoon is that it is a celebration of your new life together.

spending your honeymoon sailing away into the sunset

spending your honeymoon sailing away into the sunset

For many husbands and wives, the honeymoon is their first chance to escape together, alone and just enjoy each other’s company. Others have known each other for years and are well-accustomed to spending time together. Still, the honeymoon is an official chance to create lifelong memories during a getaway dedicated to love and romance.

There are many ways to celebrate a honeymoon- from a week at an All-Inclusive hotel to a short jaunt to a different city or perhaps a nature-inspired holiday. Few ideas, however, compare to spending your honeymoon sailing away into the sunset.

True Romance

Where else can you rejoice in your love and companionship while being completely disconnected from the outside world? Being alone on a sailboat provides a complete separation from reality, allowing you to create your own bubble of a world in which you are the only two actors in the scene.

Simply managing the boat fosters a strong marital bond; you’ll have to work together to navigate the majestic sea. But, the rewards are endless and the opportunity for romance is high.

Imagine awakening together to clear skies, a bright sunrise and the fresh ocean air. Enjoy your coffee or tea on deck, and prepare a lavish breakfast for two in your sailboat’s galley kitchen.

During the day you can set your course together, according to the winds and the tides. As night falls, take in a glowing sunset while enjoying a glass of good wine. Or, take time out to relax with a book or watch a movie.

At night, you’ll be rocked to sleep in each other’s arms in the comfort of your private berth.

Explore the Open Seas

During a sailing vacation for your honeymoon, you can choose your destination. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of white sand beaches in the Caribbean. The U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John are an excellent place to explore as a couple. Spaced relatively close together, they make for easy relaxed sailing.

If a journey through Europe is more your style, consider the Eastern European islands near Croatia. You’ll find breath-taking views and have the opportunity to stop off in historic small villages along the way.

You are your Own Captain

Best of all, when sailing during your honeymoon, you make your itinerary and schedule. Stay as long or as little as you like in each locale. You may find somewhere you love and even choose to spend a night on land. There are no time limits, hectic tours or outside influences- it is all up to you and your partner to create an experience that dreams are made of.

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