7 Tips for Teen Travellers

Adolescence for a lot of people is the first moment to take a trip alone. Before leaving, these 7 tips that should be known by the teen traveller.

1. Obtain adult consent.

Up until the age of 18 in most countries, 21 in some others you need to have your parents consent to travel alone. Best to have this in writing.

It is very important for parents to understand where you are, with whom, for exactly how long. It may sound like a drag, but makes it much easier to arrange anything should you find yourself in an emergency situation!

2. Do not go alone.

You may feel hopeful and independent concerning your first trip without your parents, but it is better that you dont go alone. Especifically if you’re a teenage girl. Not only do you reduce the dangers if you go with a group, you make the trip a lot more enjoyable.

3. Make sure you have a clear schedule.

You can have some spontainety when travelling however your agenda should be clear. Prior to leaving you ought to have a travel itinerary, ideally you should leave a copy with your parents.

Booking in your accommodation and daily activities in advance can make your trip a lot less hassle free and more enjoyable.

4. Leave a phone number you can be contacted.

Prior to departing, make sure that you have a telephone number that can be called by your parents, and leave it with friends too. If you left them your itinerary make sure it has contact numbers, emails and addresses. If you are taking a mobile phone with you make sure that you have activated international roaming.

It also helps if you pass on your friends’ contact details to your parents also, that way they can get hold of you by contacting one of your travelling buddies if necessary. Don’t forget to pass on your parents number to your travelling buddies also, that way if anything happens to you they have a way of getting in touch with them straight away.

5. Bring a map or guide book.

Do not forget to bring a map or guide book about the location. From it you may discover information about transit, accommodation, dining, visitor destinations, and many more tourist attractions.

Many guide books also include local emergency numbers for hospitals, ambulance, police, etc.

These days you dont have to carry heavy books if you have a tablet, there are several travel apps you can download.

6. Do not be so wayward.

If you are not acting respectfully, or try to be too ‘cool’ you will find that it will come back and haunt you.

Be respectful, dress appropriately, do not flash your latest gadgets around. You can still have fun!

Slurtry dresses, drunken behaviour and the likes can make you a target for predators, flashing gadgets and money arund makes you an easy target for pick pocketing. Be alert and be prepared, it can save yu from a lot of disappointments, or worse.

7. Check in at set times.

And I do not necessarily mean on your social networks, althugh yu can certainly use that avenue for your advantage!

Make sure that you have agreed set times when you check in. It can be a call home, or a quick text, or use your social networks. It tells parents and loved ones that you are OK.


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