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People often think Caribbean islands are off-limits during hurricane season, June 1-Nov. 30. Nope. Just head south. These seven destinations offer little to no risk of Category 5’s.


Located outside of the hurricane belt, Aruba is always a safe bet. Plus, the island offers refreshing trade winds, low humidity, and the most sunny days per year of any Caribbean island.


Barbados, the easternmost of the West Indies, is sometimes called “Little England” for its resolutely British character. Hurricane Janet was the last storm to hit the home of Rihanna and Mount Gay Rum. The year: 1955.

Trinidad and Tobago

While Trinidad is the granddaddy of all Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean, you’ll miss the crowds with a visit during hurricane season. Enjoy the quiet beaches, a beautiful rainforest and a bake and shark (fish sandwich on steroids) at Richard’s.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Dreaming of an off-the-beaten-path, tropical escape? Put Bocas del Toro on your radar. On these undeveloped islands, eco-lodges and frequent power outages take you off the grid — literally.


More than 55 percent of travelers to Bonaire are repeat visitors. Maybe it’s the prime snorkeling and diving available, right off the beach. Or maybe it’s the lack of Category 5’s.


Visitors to the Caribbean island of Curacao come for the combination of beaches (about 40 of them) and the amenities (fine dining, sophisticated shopping, museums, a casino-driven nightlife) of a cosmopolitan capital. Don’t leave the island without riding one of the bipedal fowl at the Curacao Ostrich Farm. Insider tip: Buy it dinner first.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Just 25 miles offshore of mainland Venezuela, Margarita Island is easily accessible by air or ferry. We recommend a horseback ride out to Macanao peninsula … through the water.

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