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6 Top Spots For Summer Vacation – Best Place Vacation

6 Top Spots For Summer Vacation

During summer your desire for travelling increases. You can visit some off-beat places for your summer vacation. For this all you need to do is a bit of research and planning. To make your task easier we are providing you with a list of places that you can choose as your destination for summer.


Atlantis Beach

Bahama has a very mild weather around the month of June. Albeit, hurricane is known to be quite prevalent around the rainy season. There are several resorts that are opened all through the year for the visitors. It is the best destination for families who are looking for a laid back summer vacation.



Miami has been a coveted destination for any people. Season or no-season it always attracts a large number of visitors. It is the most desired destination for European people and people who live in the southern part of America. In order to soothe yourself from the scorching heat of the sun all you have to do is to take a bath in the Atlantis. Miami is also known to have a wonderful night life which will keep you entertained even during the night time. This can be your destination if you want to just chill out in the summer time.

Catalina Island

Beach 1

This can be your ideal destination when your aim is to get away from the busy humdrum of life. In this island you will be able to find buffaloes roaming around on camp grounds. There are various kinds of adventurous activities that you can take part in when you are travelling to this rocky island. You can take a dip in the beach and or take a tour of the land which stretches around 75miles. Different kinds of events are held on the island throughout the year. You can also go for biking or hiking.

Mackinac Island

To travel to the Mackinac Island you have to take a boat ride of twenty minutes from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This place becomes very lively during the weekends. This is s ideal place for adventurous sports like biking and hiking. The city is also known to showcase beautiful architecture. For example, the Victorian cottages of the civil war are things to watch. This is can be your destination if you are looking to take trip through the ancient era.

Ocean City

The city is popular for its broad-walks and neon-painted t-shirts. There are various types of rides which are in a way old fashioned. You can have all types of crab dishes relax yourself on the beach. The place is basically classic destination. If you want your vacation to be relaxed as well as sophisticated then this is the place you should plan for.



Summer is the perfect time to visit a city like Amsterdam. The city comes out its busy life and begins celebrating different kinds of events. The Open Garden Festival of the city allows the visitors to look into the gardens of the houses that are in line up of the famous canals of the city. This is the perfect place when you want to visit an urban city for your summer vacation. You can travel in boats and bikes to take a trip of the waterways and the bridges.

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