6 Honeymoon Destinations You Haven’t Heard of

When most think of a honeymoon, many think of the same old places such as Hawaii and some tropical island.  Yes, while this can be a fantastic place to visit, why do what the masses do?

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Instead, consider the six destinations below for your upcoming honeymoon:


This is where you can find the Blancaneaux Lodge which looks like a jungle escapade for lovers wanting to have the best moments of their honeymoon. The place may be a bit far from the civilization but couples will never be deprived of nutritious meals fresh from the organic garden. Lovers may also choose to soak in their eco-friendly Waterfall Spa or book themselves for a canoe trip to the Mayan caves.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

At Royal Malewane, you can just forget about white sand and beautiful beaches.  But, instead book yourself for a honeymoon safari so you and your partner can get the chance to explore the nature’s treasure in the wilds of South Africa found in Kruger National Park. You may also go for a ride in a Land Rover that will take you to Africa’s Big 5 and get an opportunity to see the elephant, leopard, rhino, lion and buffalo. And, after a long day in the wild, treat your partner to a dinner al fresco and indulge in wine pairings mixed to suit your distinct taste.

Tofino, British Columbia

Why settle for a typical honeymoon at the beach when you can go for a unique outdoor adventure? At Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, you’ll never have to spend your honeymoon just sitting on a beach chair waiting for something exciting to happen. Stay active and opt for salmon fishing, surfing, soaking, whale watching and sea kayaking at Hot Spring Coves. Once tired, pamper yourselves at the Ancient Cedars Spa. All of these and more are yours to enjoy at Tofino, British Columbia.


Are you thinking of a Mediterranean honeymoon escape? Then, you should know that Montenegro’s Adriatic Sea is definitely the place to be. Here you can find Aman Sveti Stefan which is a perfect coastal getaway for honeymooners. Aman resorts were reopened last 2008 and since then the place never cease to attract the attention of tourists and lovers from anywhere around the globe.


Spend your first few days of being married together at the Six Senses Hideaway in Ninh Van Bay. Each room allows you to get a better view of the sea and all the amazing rock formations as you stand by their wide open windows. The suites will offer you access to private plunge pools as well as sundecks. Of course, you are not bound to stay in the hotel for the entire honeymoon days.  Couples can also easily slip away to see the beauty of Nha Phu Bay via a sunset cruise.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The riveting salsas and romantic tangos of Buenos Aires, Argentina are perfect recipes for a sensual and unforgettable honeymoon. Your nightlife as honeymooners will surely be filled with action as you and your partner go out for a jaunt at Tigre and enjoy the relaxing feeling of a boat ride that will take you to the Lujan River.

Now, that you have read about these honeymoon destinations it is time for you to forget about Venice, Maui and Tahiti and opt for any of the abovementioned exotic yet super exciting places for lovers meant to be together forever.

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