5 things to do in Guangzhou, a City Full of History

There are 190 locations in 40 countries in the world that have a direct link to Guangzhou – formerly known as Canton.

Here are 5 things you can do on a short two day trip:


Guangzhou Tower

1. Guangzhou Tower

In the CBD you will find this tower, at over 600m height it is the tallest building in China. This building was completed in 2010, its design is based on two ellipses twisting against one another. You can enjoy a skywalk at 180m and an outdoor garden and observation deck on top. This building gives you great views over the Pearl River and the Heart of the Sea Island.

2. Shangxiajiu Street


Shangxiajiu Street

This street is a great reminder of the old Canton. There are old buildings and teahouses offering Chinese Mooncakes. These little cakes are said to have been used to smuggle messages to the Ming revolutionaries under the Mongole rule, plotting to overthrow these foreign rulers.

3. The Square of the Chen Clan Academy


Chen Clan’s Academy

This big open square is surrounded by antique houses and an ancestral temple. This is a great place of historical value with its sculptures, brick carving and carved inscriptions, the roof of the Chen Clan Academy itself has a distinctive pottery edge. The Academy was built in 1890s for the best prospects of Imperial China’s bureaucracy. Today it is the Guangdong Folk Art Museum.

4. Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain View

Baiyun Mountain is 15km north of the centre of Guangzhou. Its name in english means ‘white cloud mountain’. The name is given to it due to the views in late spring, shrouded in white clouds. The Chineses have been enjoying the views of this mountain from as early as 450BC. Today people enjoy ‘moonwatching’ at night as much as they enjoy the scenery by the day. You can get up to the mountain by using the Baiyun cable car from the Yuntai Garden.

5. Pearl River

Pearl River Cruise

Pearl River Cruise

Once the lifeblood of the city today it is still crucial to the city. Evening cruises on the river are very popular enjoying the views of this brightly lit city.

You can stay in Guangzhou for up to 72 hours without a visa if you are en route to another country.

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