5 Off The Beaten Track Honeymoon Destinations

Are you getting married soon? Then you must be planning for your honeymoon? Where are you planning to go with your spouse? This will probably your first vacation together as a married couple, so make it exclusive. To make it special go to one of the off-beat locations. There are many such locations around the world, which are “romantic” in the true sense of the world. But most people do not know about such places and not many go there. That is the reason you can have all the time together without too many people around. You can enjoy nature and can enjoy doing certain activities together. There are good choices of food, fun, and stay at these places. These are the places your friends or family members probably won’t be able to share their ideas on. Here is a list of off-beat places that you can go for your honeymoon:Honeymoon

  • Kenya: If both of you are nature lovers, you must visit Kenya where you can see an abundance of flora and fauna in the most raw form of nature. Watch the fascinating sight of Mt. Kilimanjaro and take a walk through the forest paths together. Kenya also offers beautiful sea beaches with pristine blue waters and clean sand. Complete privacy is what you can expect here.Romantic settings, sumptuous beds and fine dining in exotic hotels, and luxurius package tours are something that would make for lifetime memories.
  • Cook’s island: It’s an island in the South Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago of around 15 islands that span around 240 kilometers. There are not many people in the Cook’s island and not many tourists visit there. You can spend some romantic time at the island with your beloved. The islands are situated halfway between the Hawaii and New Zealand. The place boasts of rare beauty and idyllic climate for a honeymoon. To add to it, there are welcoming people and a slow, romantic pace of life that you’d love to enjoy together.
  • Aruba: This is an island that is located around 29 kilometers from the North Venezuela. The island is a part of what is known as the ABC island (other islands are the Bonaire and Curacao). This group of islands is also known as the Netherlands Antilles and the Dutch Caribbean. It has a temperate weather and the best season to visit is during spring and winter. However, you can be there at any time during the year.
  • Tarkali Beach: If you are planning to be in India, you must be at the Tarkali beach in Goa. It is the most favorite destination of the honeymoon couples. Enjoy clean and beautiful beaches and coastlines at the Tarkali Beach. Take a walk on the white sands. It is a deserted beach and there are not many people around to disturb the honeymoon couples. The food is great and the natural beauty is in abundance here.
  • Bali: It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Apart from the beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and exotic cuisines, you can enjoy water sports and roaming in the monkey forest. Do not forget to enjoy the special Bali massage and the world’s most expensive coffee.


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