5 Most Unfriendly Cities of America to Be Aware Of

America is a dream place for many travelers across the world to visit. After all, it is the most developed city and the most developed economy in the world. It is a country that has the state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is a dream for almost everyone to live in this country. The country has the best of cars, buildings and also the country has got Hollywood.

The irony about America is that there are certain cities which are quite unfriendly. However, being a tourist it is quite obvious for you to expect that people of the place that you visit should be friendly. Unfortunately, there are certain cities in America that are well known for not being friendly at all to their guests or tourists. So, which are the cities that you should be aware of when you are traveling to America?

Province, RI

The people of this city are certainly not welcoming to tourists that visit their city. They are generally not happy to welcome anything new or anyone new into their city. The weather of this place is also very much awful. You will most of the days find cloud covered sky and also unwelcoming rain. In terms of price, the city is also very much unaffordable. This makes it more difficult for tourists to visit. The taxes are also very much high here so dining at lavish restaurants are also sometimes out of the question.

Seattle, WA

It is not for the first time that Seattle is termed to be unfriendly. This city has been unfriendly for many years. The people of this city are very much unfriendly and unsocial. This does not mean that they will slam the door on your face or not make eye contact. They just seem to be maddeningly impersonal. The weather adds on to worsening things. It is very much wet, grey and miserable for most of the years.

Baltimore, MD

This city is famously called the “Charm City”, but the irony is that people who have visited this city really do not have the same opinion. Apart from that there has been turmoil which leads into curfew. The people of this city are certainly not at all friendly with outsiders. Criminal acts are very much high all throughout the year. Thus, it is not very safe for travelers to be there for long.

Orlando, FL

The people generally boast that it is the happiest city on earth, but on the other side people of this city are very much unfriendly. You will certainly be irritated with the honking of cars, endless snapping comments, and the shrill cry of babies. For your information if you visit the theme park of Orlando you are sure to get the most unfriendly behavior.


Dallas, TX

Most of the people are in the notion that the people of Texas are very much welcoming and friendly, but this is definitely not the scene when you pay a visit to the city of Dallas. The people of this city are always seen to be in a rush or hurry. The people of this city are sometimes very rude. Thus, when you visit Dallas do keep your ego out of reach.                         

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