5 Exquisite Historical Destinations

Historical places are fascinating not only for the historical background but also for the architectural monuments. The architecture of the buildings helps you to discern the kind of cultural architecture that was prevalent during those times. Here are some of the most interesting historical places of the world.

Petra, Jordan

The name of the place Petra means rock. This place is under the Jordanian Government of Maan. Petra is famous for its history and archaeology. The city is very popular for the architecture of technique of constructing monuments by cutting rocks. It was made the capital city of Nabataeans around Sixth century BC. It is the most visited place in the city. It is situated on the slope of Mt Hor. UNESCO has made Petra World Heritage site in the year 1985.

Machu Pichhu, Peru

Machu Pichhu is the most enigmatic and exquisite ancient location in the world. The location was discovered by an archeologist from Yale named Hiram Bingham. The people of Inca used the Andean mountain top to construct numerous structures of stone. The structures are based on the legends and myths dating back to 1400. The name of the place in Quechua language means old peak. The Inca people turned the place into a beautiful destination. The place is has enough agricultural produce for its population. There are agricultural fields surrounding the mountain which is watered by the springs. The Inca people appears to have turned the turned the city into a ceremonial destination.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The pyramids of Giza are the most famous historical destination. This is the only wonder of the world belonging to the ancient era that still thrives. The site is has very impressive and sacred pyramids. The pyramids the burials ground of the pharaohs. The exact date of construction and meaning of the symbols have still not been deciphered by the experts. It is a very enigmatic destination for people who are interested in the mystery of the pyramids. The visitors are always seen to be awestruck by the calculations involved in making of the pyramid.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire. This is one of the most famous pre-historic sites in the world. It has stone which looks like they are in a standing position and is placed in a circular way. It is the heart of the Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments of England. Archeologists are of the view that the monuments must have been constructed around 3000 to 2000 BC. The Radiocarbon indicates that the first stone was placed at around 2400 BC. UNESCO has designated it as the WORLD Heritage Site in the year 1986 along with the Avebury Henge. Stonehenge is known to be looked after by the Royal family of England. The land surrounding it is managed by the National Trust.

Persepolis, Iran

Persepolis is mainly a vertical surface which is as big as 450 meters long and 300 meters wide. The surface consists of the disintegrated old monumental buildings. The steps that lead to the top of the terrace are shallow. After reaching the top of the stairs you will come across Gate of Xerxes. This is a gatehouse which is looked after by the stone bulls.


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